100CCC - Jan 2019

jeffrey gebler

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Congratulations Martin on another epic ride, it was great to keep track of your progress during work this weekend.
So good to see all the other riders joining you along the way.
Already looking forward to the report.
Just a warm up for a ride from the checkpoint # 2 to Hyder and back to Greenville in June.
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Martin Little

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Well I'm back home and back to work/reality, which always take some time adjusting to after a ride like this.

I feel humbled by the support, care and help I received along the way. From the send off (Ox/Tigerbill/Vlad & Frans) at Coogee with words of encouragement and being guided out of Sydney by Frans, the welcome & send off Gus and Steve provided in Perth, the exquisitely timed phone call from Dan in Pennsylvania as I was heading out of Port Augusta on Day 4, dog weary, contemplating the miles ahead, the lift to my spirits to see Reg & Daisy waiting patiently in small town Australia to ride with me to Renmark, Ron & Marls who gave me wings from there to Euston, those crazy Victorians (Fatman & Lynn/Derick/Hackle) out for a ride from Melbourne to make the Hay Plain fly by & check for wayward nails in tires and then Philmoor and Vlad at Wagga who shared those last lonely miles in the dark and Frans who happened to be out riding around in the dark for the run into Sydney. Last and certainly not least Tele who rode down from Newcastle to see me arrive.

Then there was the support on the Forum, words don't do this justice, but thanks to one and all.

A Ride report will follow, but can i say that I "nailed it" with your support and encouragement. Thanks everyone!


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Hi Martin.
I saw this post ride come up and as yet been time poor to read of your adventure.
Be assured I will give myself a time after work in the new day to enjoy it.
Well done mate.