1200 GS Tire Recommendation


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Asking for a friend, I have a friend with a 2017 1200 GS that plans an extended trip he is wondering about which 90/10 or even straight up highway tires that will give him the best mileage. He would like to make the rip without a tire change.

It's outside my realm of experience but I told him I would ask those with some experience.
Avon trail riders dual compound on the rear so good mileage no personal experience but good reports , Michelin anarkee 3 good wet or dry, my currant choice Metzler Tourance good in the wet or dry.


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Rear Hiedenau Scout 60 gave me 20+k miles to/from/into AK and the Far North from Chicago. Granted, its an adventure/dirt tire. But it worked well enough on pavement for me. Although, it got loud in corners after it squared off late in life. I still have it on my tire rack and would put it back on (and have once so far) if I wanted to do some days in the dirt. I suspect that their street tires might do as well? How long/far does he intend to go and is any of it dirt? Most any tire ridden sensibly has given me 10k+ miles. Conti's give me 12-15k miles reliably. Western riders get a bit less due to the rougher chip seal paving.