2016/17 FJR AE - ES Lowering


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After 27,000 miles I decided to lower my new FJR ..
The AE - ES version suspension is great in comparison to the old but holds the height ..
The addition of a Russel Day Long seat also added to it.

For those that have not done this before .. hope this helps to show how simple it is ..

I have to hand a couple of different size dog-bone sets to test and decided the 25mm set was not enough
35mm seemed to be the way to go.. so I fitted Lust Racing dog-bones which have a good quality construction and finish.

Fitted them and after a local RTE felt that this was a great solution ...
Next on the list was to alter the side stand.. When 1/2 loaded the bike sits up too much..
Checked the angles and came to a 25mm chop would be the optimum for my needs ..

Advantage of having a spare Side-stand means I can revert the whole bike back to original spec if required :)

Ref Main-stand the bike lifts onto it without any problems ...
If I find later that I require this then a block of wood under the back wheel or I may chop my spare main stand ..:)


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