2016 fjr?

I had a 2004 FJR - Gen 1. I called it "The Furnace" because the heat from the engine was all but unbearable in the summer months.
That said, I've read that Yamaha has made some improvements with the engine heat issue. The FJR is basically a rocket with a seat on it - it will flat get down the road.
Never rode a Concours,14 but one of my friends had one - he loved it - but that's him!

I have 190k on my BMW R1150RT - one of the most comfortable and reliable motorcycles I've ever owned. Had one issue - a stick coil on the left cylinder gave out at around 57,000 miles. Other than that, just maintenance (tires, battery, fluid changes, etc.)
I looked around and found a 2007 Honda ST1300 with low miles - love it!! Great riding position, 7.7gal tank, electric windshield, etc. It's got all the jazz an FJR has so an ST1300 might be a consideration.

You'll find all kinds of opinions about motorcycles from folks. I could tell you horror stories about a number of makes and models, including an FJR. My suggestion is to continue your research, ride some motorcycles, weigh all the options and buy what YOU like, not what someone else likes.

I had a 2004 BMW RT and loved it except for the fact that if you were running down the highway in 5th gear, you would know it because of the vibration coming through. The Porche MOTRONIC ECU caused the bike to be very sensitive about fuel quality, after fueling within the first ten feet you would feel instantly the quality of the gas you just bought. I had a seat maker butcher up the front seat to get rid of that damn lip in the back that continually pinched my butt. I did discover a fast and dirty way to adjust the valves on it. Go to NAPA (use only a NAPA 3/8th extension as it will slip inside the spark plug hole) and get either a 3/8th or 1/4" by 8" long extension, remove the valve covers, remove the spark plugs, insert the extension into the spark plug hole till it touches the top of the piston. Now with the bike in 6th gear turn the back wheel slowly forward till the extension stops pushing itself out, if not sure then try this again always with the wheel rolling forward, now feel the rocker arms, if it's tight then go to the other side, they will be loose. Take you box wrench and loosen all of the adjusters nuts by 1/4 turn, now take your Allen wrench and slowly tighten the intake screw till it touches the valve. The intake valves will be the ones on the rear of the engine facing the rear wheel. Once it touches back off the intake screw exactly 1/3rd of a turn, tighten the lock nut, do this to the other intake valve. For the exhaust back off the adjusting screws 2/3rds to 3/4ths of a turn (Police). Once done with one side rotate the rear wheel again pushing the extension rod back in to do the other side. Now button her up and go for a ride.

Hondas 1300 ST, from what I've heard will be sold only as a Police Only bike, and despite the 1300 moniker, it is a heavy bike that weighs at over 700 Lbs more so that the Connie
sounds ever so ? only ever used a feeler gauge for valve gaps and aligned with the timing marks for modern stuff. did make a modified spark plug when i was an apprentice to find tdc on older engines

fortunately never had to adjust the valve shims on an fjr so not something i worry about to much. just methodically check them at the service interval.