2017 Iron Butt Rally - links to ride reports & blogs


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Hi Raven, Just finished your report. You have a great way with words, I can hear you telling the story. It's a shame we didn't get longer to chat whilst we were there, it sounds like you had a great time (except when you weren't!!). Look forward to catching up with you again sometime, we have some great twisties over here you'd love! Lyn
I had the good fortune to visit London in May 2017. The weather was fantastic and I rented a small motorbike (125cc) for my last weekend. Took a Sunday ride from the city center down to Hastings and had a blast. Mostly navigated by dead reckoning, trying to stay off the A21 and turned down lots of country lanes. Ended up in a couple of yards and did a lot of back-tracking! I returned the little beast back to the bike rental shop with about 300 miles on it (they were amazed!). Definitely would like to come back to the UK for more exploring!