2017 Iron Butt Rally Opening of Registration

Discussion in '2017 Iron Butt Rally' started by Ira, Jan 20, 2016.

  1. hsd10

    hsd10 Premier Member

    Sorry if I'm asking for a state secret. I want to make it to the start of the 17 IBR. Need to block out the vacation time(yes this far in advance). Can anyone give me a idea of when the start will be.
  2. lakota

    lakota Premier Member IBR Finisher

    June 26 through july7 in Minneapolis
  3. Paul Slaton

    Paul Slaton Premier Member IBR Finisher

    Believe me, those 15 months will come plenty fast.

  4. FazerPhil

    FazerPhil President IBA UK Staff Member Premier Member IBR Finisher

    Happy to be at my 4th start in 17. Looking to finish this time unlike 15.
    Unfinished business...........
  5. Canadian FJR

    Canadian FJR New Member

    Any rumblings on what bikes we might see entered in the Hopeless Class this year?
    I'm still hoping for someone to enter a Honda CBX 6 like the one Ross Copas ran back in the early rally days.

    Canadian FJR
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  6. Canadian FJR

    Canadian FJR New Member

    If any of you riders find yourself needing some assistance in the East Coast of Canada feel free to reach out. Ride safe and have fun.

    Nova Scotia, Canada
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  7. BMWguy

    BMWguy IBA Member

    Like wise for anyone passing through S. Illinois, S. Indiana or N. KY.

    (618) 264-7372
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