2017 NIITWIt Rally - 12 hr and 36 hr

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Lord knows I need a marketing degree but since I barely graduated from high school, going back to school to educate myself on how to better advertise our events is out of the question. We apologize for the late notice.

The NIITWIt group (Not In It To Win It) is hosting our third NIITWIt Rally on October 27-28, 2017. There is a 36 hour rally (6am Friday Oct 27 - 6pm Saturday Oct 28) and 12 hour rally (6am Saturday Oct 28 - 6pm Saturday Oct 28) (all times Central) which will be an anywhere you want to start and will finish at the Hilton Garden Inn in Shreveport, LA. The goal of the NIITWIt Rally is not to win......but rather to come in last place by having the least amount of points at the finish. The prize is the coveted 'Last Place' trophy.

You can register for the rally on RideMaster (https://goo.gl/qJzBLV). Once you register, we'll send you the link for the end hotel so you can reserve your room as part of the event block. Your rally fee includes entrance into the rally, your rally flag, a t-shirt, some swag, and dinner at the end banquet. We use an all electronic format which means that you take all bonus photos with a digital device and then e-mail the photos into rally scoring where you can receive fast approval of your bonus submission which also greatly streamlines the final scoring process to less than 5 minutes. All rally forms are sent electronically and you will receive your rally book electronically about 2 weeks prior to the rally start. Rally flags are mailed to you once we receive your signed liability waiver form and other required rally documents.

If you have any questions, just shoot me an e-mail. We have plenty of space and hope to have you guys come join us in October.


Paul Tong
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I had to jump out of the Facebook(drama overload) but I did invite people to take a look at the rally before I got out. Hope I will not miss any info about the rally not being on FB? Here and e-mail should be good?
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