1. Bill Lumberg

    SPF- 2018 FJR1300ES FS- North GA

    SPF- 2018 FJR1300ES. 98,000 miles. Over a year of factory warranty left. Meticulously maintained. $7,000. Trans recall completed 40,000 miles ago. Bike has been flawless. Recent valve check. All fluids replaced and new battery installed early 2022. PR4GT tires installed fairly recently. Bike...
  2. TomMcD

    How to run your first rally?

    New to documented LD riding, but experienced long distance driver in both a personal and professional capacity. No oil, tire or seat questions here as my answers are every bit as wrong as yours. The requirements for completing a SS1000 and other certifiable rides are well laid out on the IBA...
  3. H

    Need a teammate for the Junior Butt! Help!

    This year there is a 6 Day rally similar to the IBR( I think) known as the Junior Butt. Unfortunately (fortunately?) this rally requires a teammate. It is from the 26th of September to the 2nd of October. I am super excited to do it, Ive done a few 36 hour rallies and have always had a blast. If...
  4. Paul Tong

    2021 Heart of Texas Rally : registration opens Jan 2

    Greetings: The 2021 Heart of Texas Rally will open on Ridemaster in the wee morning hours of January 2, 2021. The event will have a 4 day and a 36 hour format. Both will start and finish in College Station, TX. The dates of the rally are April 27-May 1, 2021 (4 day) and April 29-May 1, 2021 (36...
  5. pihlo

    12Stunden.CH - 12hours in CH - 24.08.2019

    Hi folks, In 2019 we organize for the 3. time a 12h rally. It's in IBA Style - but organized private. The 12h in Switzerland starts on Saturday, 24 of August at 5:30 - Bonuspoints are in Switzerland only. More information on the official Website (in German, right on the top you can pick up a...
  6. Steve Boone

    Upcoming Rallies List?

    Hello all, I was curious if there is a good list of rallies coming up between now and into the 2018 season. I did the HW3 rally and really want to start doing more. Since I am kind of new to the game, it seems like by the time I see info on an upcoming rally, it's too late for me to enter...
  7. Paul Tong

    2017 NIITWIt Rally - 12 hr and 36 hr

    Lord knows I need a marketing degree but since I barely graduated from high school, going back to school to educate myself on how to better advertise our events is out of the question. We apologize for the late notice. The NIITWIt group (Not In It To Win It) is hosting our third NIITWIt Rally...
  8. pihlo

    Magic-12 CH Rally

    Hi folks, last year IBA Germany has organize the Magic-12 Rally. This year an other Magic-12 is upcomming. The M12CH - 12h in Switzerland on 23 of September. I know that some of you take part of the the Iceni Rally on the same date - but there was no other date possible. More information here...
  9. BigLew55

    Recommendations for Rookies

    OK, the kids are getting self sufficient, and I'm looking to get a explore endurance rallies for the first time. I've been riding for years, but never anything competitive. I have browsed the events listed on the homepage, and the listing on Jason's website. Surely (yes I called you that!)...
  10. Steve Brooks

    TOUR OF HONOR registration now open

    The 2017 Tour of Honor begins with all-new sites on April 1, so if you want your rally packet in advance, sign up now. $100 fee gets you shirt, rally flag, patch, stickers, Finisher Certificate, pin, and a chance at 135 trophies. Plus, $20 off the top goes to your choice of charities: FISHER...
  11. Paul Tong

    2017 Heart of Texas Rally : El Camino Real de Los Tejas

    Registration is open for the 2017 Heart of Texas Rally. You may start the rally from any location within the borders of the State of Texas. The start will be at 6:00 am Central on Saturday April 29, 2017 and will finish at 6:00 PM Central Saturday April 29, 2017 at the LaSalle Hotel in Bryan...
  12. Paul Tong

    3rd Annual Celina RTE - Sat April 1, 2017 (Celina, TX)

    Greetings to all: This is a shameless solicitation to all you motorcycle deviants and miscreants who enjoy riding extreme distances for no other reason that to see other fellow reprobates and eat greasy, artery-clogging food. In 2015, Reno John of Big Money Rally fame, asked me to hold a Ride...
  13. Rony6ble

    List of 2017 riders?

    Anyone knows a official list of riders for the '17 Rally?
  14. Lynne

    Rock-n-Ride Rally (RnR2) 8 and 32 hr rallies

    From Elvis to Madonna, REO Speedwagon to The Kentucky Headhunters, we have put together a great “play list” of places for you to visit in the 2016 rallies. New twists, new turns, new roads, new memories are coming April 15-16, 2016. There will be two separate rallies offered as part of the...
  15. Lynne

    What is a Rally? Video Link

    Great watch for those new to rallying