2019 Bite The Wieenie RTE

Dr. Tiki

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I saw a post by Brian Thorn on the ole facebook that says Nov. 23rd is Bite the Wieenie @ Pinks in Hollyweird, CA and it will start officially at 10pm.

Figured it should be posted if it's true. :)


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Is this date 'confirmed'? I saw somewhere else that it might be the 16th.
Do you recall where "somewhere else" might have been?

The last few years, the event seems to have been synced with the International Motorcycle Show in Long Beach, which is the 11/22 - 11/24.

There's also a post from Dean Tanji or one of his minions on the LD Rider list, but that has yet to show up, that I know of.
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Dr. Tiki

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I'm going (on the 23rd) need another test of the new hydration system and the custom fitted ear plugs. Someone should make stickers... I like stickers.


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I don't know for sure but I'm pretty sure Deano didn't start this until after 2001. I'll check with His Wienieness and get back with you all.