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Tour of Honor kicks it up a notch with the IBA/TOH NPT. 161 carefully selected National Park Service sites that honor American heroes, include National Battlefields, Monuments, Memorials, and Military Parks.

In order to finish, you'll visit a minimum of 50 *selected* National Park sites in a minimum of 25 states, following IBA rules (http://ironbutt.com/rides/npt.htm), only it’s from April 1 through October 31. You’ll also need to get a Passport book stamped at each one and provide a photo of your bike and Tour of Honor flag at entrance signs. A spreadsheet on the Tour of Honor website will include the 161 sites with where to find site-specific information on the NPS website.

After completing Tour of Honor scoring, you'll submit the results to IBA for a Master Traveler Award certificate.

This special ride is in addition to Tour of Honor's seven memorial sites per state list (revealed April 1), and auxiliary rides collecting American Doughboys, War Dogs and Huey Helicopters. Finisher certificates and pins, as well as over 150 trophies are handed out each year. $20 from each registration ($100) and all profits after expenses go to Fisher House Foundation, Operation Comfort Warriors, and Police and Fire: The Fallen Heroes. Join the fun by registering on December 1 at www.tourofhonor.com
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