Steve Brooks

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Registration is open for the 10th annual Tour of Honor Motorcycle Ride.

• Supports veterans and first responder charities
• Honors American heroes
• Visits memorial sites in each state
• Lots of small towns and 2-lane roads
• Iron Butt Association rides
• National Parks Tour and other auxiliary rides
• Premiere AMA Grand Tour
• Finishers certificates and pins, 150 trophies
• Optional Fall Ride to Meet in Gettysburg
• "The best excuse I've ever had to ride."

Check it out and register at tourofhonor.com $125 riders, $115 passengers.


I was rider #498 last year.... 2 1st place trophies as well!

It was awesome and took me to places I would never had gone. Also managed to score a SS1K for the TOH as well! Already have my flag and swag fort his year and cannot wait to see the new curated sites! I highly recommend it for those that want to ride and can't dedicate every weekend to and Iron Butt ride! Although you can do both with this! I managed many multi-mile 24 hour days riding with this!