2021 ANZAC Day SS1600K


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Start time: 05:45, 25/04/2021
From: Australian War Memorial (Dawn Service)
ODO: 52,258 (52,261 at first fuel stop)


Left home just after 5am to head to the AWM for a start picture at the Dawn Service. Was stopped by security at a road block on Limestone Ave and wasn't even allowed into the car park without a ticket. Rode around the back of the AWM and ANZAC Parade was also blocked about half way down. Managed to get around the other side and stopped just behind the Australian Helenic Memorial to grab this pretty ordinary photo.

Hoping that was good enough evidence, I jumped back on the bike and headed to Caltex in Braddon for an official start docket, then it was up the Federal Hwy for a quick breakfast and corner docket at Trappers Bakery in Goulburn. I stopped just across the border into NSW to put in my jacket liner, as it was pretty bloody cold! Uneventful run to Goulburn where a bacon and egg roll and hot coffee warmed me up inside.

Satiated and warm, I pointed the Capo West and headed off towards Ardlethan for the first of the letters to spell ANZAC. Turned onto Burley Griffin Way towards Binalong. Stopped for a quick photo of the painted silos in Harden (technically in Murumburrah I think). Don't know when they were painted, as I hadn't been through that way for a while.

Road between Wallendbeen and Stockinbingal closed, so a quick detour via Cootamundra was required. Fuel stop in Temora about 9:45am and took out the jacket liner. Arrived in Ardlethan about 10:30am and there were a few people around for the ANZAC service. No shops open that I could see to get a docket, so I just took a photo of the odometer and the Memorial Hall hoping this would be of for IBA certification.

Back on the road still heading west with a planned corner docket at Balranald. Just out of Hay, I came across my first wild emus. They were a bit flighty so it took me a couple of goes stopping, getting out the camera, trying to capture a picture before I got a good one.

A quick fuel top up at South Hay and a photo op at the Shearers Hall of Fame (well, the Big Shears at the gate).

Continuing West, I just had to stop for this photo. It described the long, straight, flat roads between Hay and Balranald perfectly. I was surprised how many different properties out that way seem to be owned by so few people/companies. Lots of similar signs with the same names everywhere.

As I approached Balranald, a red bike came up behind me in a flash and overtook with a waving of arms and pointing. Who is this mad rider, I thought? All was revealed at the Balranald BP when Ron appeared from under his helmet with a welcome handshake and words of encouragement. A quick packet of chips for me and an iced coffee for Ron and we said our goodbyes and set off again; I turned south towards Tooleybuc and the border and Ron towards Mildura.

Another boring, fairly straight run to Tooleybuc (wish I could have got to that FarRide), then I turned back East having just passed the half way mark and crossed into Victoria. A photo at Nyah District Memorial Hall and a refuel at the BP.

A few more things to look at on the B400 as I passed through Swan Hill, Lake Boga and Cahuna. Had to stop for a pic of the water tower which made me think of the Big Kahuna Burger scene from Pulp Fiction.
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I turned left at Echuca and crossed back into NSW so I could tick off one of the rides in the Australian Motorcycle Atlas (#151: Echuca - Nathalia). It was a bit of a disappointment with not many corners at all and a bit narrow and hairy in the fading light. Wouldn't rush to recommend it. Almost missed the School at Zeerust; my GPS mark was about 500m out. U-turn and back track for the required photo. I didn't bother getting a receipt nearby so hopefully the SPOT track and photo is sufficient enough again. Put my jacket liner back in here as it was getting cold again in the darkness.

Then it was pretty much direct south for another corner docket and fuel stop at Euroa, skirting Shepparton which seemed to be much more spread out than I remember. I spent a bit longer than I'd planned at the servo so I could propery warm up before hitting the road north on the homeward stretch. Photo at the VC Memorial Park in Euroa. Didn't take the time to check out the actual statues.

Now back on the Hume and a comfortable 110km/h cruise north, passing plenty of trucks (mainly b-doubles) before pulling into Albury for a late dinner (is it just me, or have the Maccas wraps gone downhill? At least the coffee was passable) and a photo at Monument Hill. It's a very impressive memorial to our services. I didn't notice the CCTV cameras (just out of shot on both sides) until after I'd stopped for the pic, but hey, the bollards and chains were down just enough to invite me through...

One more letter to go now and it was almost 10pm and getting quite cold. I stopped for fuel and another coffee at Holbrook. I guess I could have just picked Canberra (or even Charnwood, the next suburb to me) to finish, but I was planning to stop at the new Coolac roadhouse anyway, so I found the Coolac Memorial Hall for a picture. The pub used to be a favourite stop for for my dad whenever we travelled that way on the old highway before the freeway; "we are driving right past, may as well stop" he'd say. It's also a good turnoff point to avoid a bit of the freeway (via Muttama, Cootamundra, Wallendbeen, Harden), but that was the last thing on my mind this night.

With it just ticking over midnight, the last leg to home was probably the hardest, as it was the first time I'd thought about the hot shower and warm bed waiting for me. Lots more trucks to pass before turning off at Yass for the "kangaroo highway" through Murrumbateman. Only saw a couple but one decided to cross my path to keep me on my toes and make sure I was fully awake. I called into Charnwood for an end docket from the ATM, then I pulled into the driveway just before 2am and tucked the Capo into bed before doing the same.

End time: 01:55, 26/04/2021
ODO: 53939
Trip KM: 1,681
Trip time: ~20hrs

Pretty happy with this one!

ANZAC Day SS1600 - SPOT Track.jpg
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Grey Gentry

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Well done Shane, thanks for the pics and report.
We'd previously worked out that our riding plans wouldn't cross paths, however I left Ivanhoe around 11.30am, instead of 1pm.
Didn't give Shane a thought, until I spotted the bike East of Yanga Creek. I tried to get close enough to see if it was an ACT number plate,
but there was an obvious IBA backing plate displayed. That confirmed what I'd been suspecting.
With some mad waving and a middle finger I was sure he'd follow me into the servo. LOL
We had a brief chat, before he left to complete the remainder of his task.