2021 Bite The Wieenie - Pink's Hot Dogs, Hollywood CA

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Copied from Dean Tanji's FB page

20th Annual “Bite The Wieenie” Ride-to-Eat Report

The 20th Annual “Bite The Wieenie” closed Pink’s Hot Dogs at 1:00AM Sunday morning. The Saturday 10:00PM to Sunday 1:00AM BTW window sign-in rooster indicated 24 attendees but I see on FB and other social media comments of Iron Butt & long-distance riders arriving at Pinks in the mid-morning and throughout the afternoon biting the wieenie. The only COVID requirement is you have to wear a mask in-line.

I arrived around 9:00PM. Had great talks with all milling about. When I finally went through the order line at 11:30 PM I saw this display near the cash register. Figure 1 below: PINKS WELCOMES BITE THE WIEENIE RIDERS

While the group was smaller this year (less than 50% of a normal gathering) the quality was outstanding! We had 2 IBR winners, Wendy Crockett-2019 and her family and Mike Brooke-2021 and his fabulous Hayabusa. Mike Rose, the original producer of the first Iron Butt Rally, 1984 showed up and got a fantastic show-n-tell from Mike Brooke and his Hayabusa. Figure 2 below: Mike Rose, producer of the first 1984 Iron Butt Rally and I

And to top it off, Paul “Longhaulpaul” Pelland, and his custom Yamaha hardtail chopper with shorty straight pipes arrives to rattle-our-bones in Pinks parking lot! Paul is a legendary Iron Butt finisher and one of the featured presenters at the Outdoor International Motorcycle Show at the Orange County Fairgrounds. Earlier this year he rode that loud, obnoxious and bone jarring chopper from South Carolina to San Francisco in 50-hours raising funds for Multiple Sclerosis.

It’s amazing where riders will come from to “Bite the Wieenie” at Pinks Hot Dogs! Alexander Schmidt, 2011 Kawasaki Concours, Murfreesboro TN won the high milage with 3,780 miles which included Eggsanity, 50CC and I-40 Insanity rides.

Figure 3 below: Alexander Schmidt Biting The Wieenie!

(Photo of Alex). Mark Fischer, 1999 Honda CBR-1100, NC, rode 2,682 miles which includes 50CC and I-40 in 40. Mike Riley, 2003 BMW K1200RT, OK, 1,536 miles. Christopher Ross, 2012 R1200GSA, Lubbock TX, 1,120 miles.

Besides the 10 California riders we had 14 riders from Canada, NC, TN, AZ, TX, OK, NM, & SD! For the first time, out of state riders beat the in-state rider attendance. Four of the 24 claimed to be first-time attendees. Small group, amazing rides and stories to Bite the Wieenie 2021.

Special thanks to Pinks Hot Dogs for putting up with us for 20 years!

For those who attended please share your photos in the comments section below.

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Obligatory selfie


Not cheap, but always worth it.

Much smaller than normal crowd

Mike Rose with his dog.

Mark Fischer and Mike Brooke

Wendy Crockett and family, Andy with his back to the camera, and Paul in the black leathers to go with his "choppa".

The Pink's menu

My hidey-hole for three hours on the way home that night. Massive windstorm swept through the mountains just east of Indio.

Me transferring some tabs to Alex for delivery to Hoagy.

A typical view of the parking lot in previous years.

Thanks as always to our Grand Pooh Bah, Dean Tanji for once again setting up this fun RTE.