2022 National Jamboree Saturday 26th March

A very informative weekend, learning lots of info on riding, planning and tech. Thanks to everyone for the chat and friendship, the wife and I really enjoyed it.


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Thanks Phil, and all those who took part.
Just got home after a fabulous ride through the Peak District and North Yorkshire Moors. What a great event and so well attended. I feel thought enthused. D174F317-1B80-4358-9F27-17FC35F33620.jpeg 53B4D052-33D1-4509-B9F9-4C5A34929802.jpeg
The Missus and me safely home. Really good to see such a great turnout for a IBA UK event again. Thanks Phil and all the speakers for the effort you put in and thanks to all the people who organise the events through the year to keep us entertained.
Seeing that picture of Dave has bought those queasy feelings back again!


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I was asked what all the gear I stripped off cost, so I did this spreadsheet with the current list price readily available on the internet. Biker_Clothing.JPG

My wife does not have access to this forum!


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Ouch..... but you missed your boots.....


Obviously, I did not go and buy this all in one go and these are list prices. I also used my bike to earn money from 2010 to 2021 and regularly ride 20,000 miles per year so see this as an investment in my riding pleasure. Armed with this kit I can ride anywhere anytime in almost anyweather.


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I really couldn't criticise anyone for buying gear..... I erm.... have a fair bit of stuff too.......

Not listing it in case it is spotted by someone not a million miles away......

Apparently two bikes is excessive also, especially as one is a "project".......

Thanks to Phil, yourself Dave and all the others who organised / presented / supported and generally did a sterling job of making us all hopefully better at whichever bits of IBA insanity we participate in!
Thanks everyone for a great time, I really enjoyed the weekend, Google took me across numerous B roads to get to the event but an early departure meant a damp and misty ride home to Norfolk. Only this time I insisted on A roads due to the heavy fog only to find a major detour, on B roads thanks to an A47 closure!

It was great to meet some of the folks making Long Distance Riding safe and fun here at home, good luck with the years events. I hope to be able to join you again sometime in the near future, the little red Fazer 600 is really growing on me at 62+ MPG but I'm going to need a better seat, and some luggage, a GPS would be nice oh and a bigger screen .... etc etc etc :)


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Thank you to all involved in the organisation, the presentations and attendees which made up an enjoyable weekend, could this become an annual event? Riding up on Saturday the route choice was the most direct route 0800hrs start via 4 miles of rurals, 126 miles of dual carriageways and 12 miles of motorway. I let TomTom's 'Plan a Thrill' function guide me home via a leisurely 4 hour route, not to everyones taste but the miles of smiles suited me for a Sunday funday.

Tempted to enter the Brit Butt tour :)