2022 Photo Rally


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The 2022 Photo Rally was launched on March 1st.
Have you got what it takes to be a certified 'Castle Nut', castles being the theme this year, one thing we have plenty of here is castles!
Join in here.
Follow the riders progress here.


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Week 1 and 75 signed up so far for their share of the (s)miles!
A spell of blue sky on the first weekend has seen a flurry of early entries.


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May 'Brief' gathering at Gortnor Abbey Pier at Lough Conn in Mayo.
The camper van belongs to Charles Coughlan who very kindly provided endless tea, coffee and fried sausages.
Thanks also to Graeme Ferguson for the buns.

May Brief 2022c.jpg


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163 entries in 2022, many thanks to all, we hope you had a good time.

Don't forget no 1. All photos must be submitted before the end of September.

Don't forget no 2. The final Brief photo of the year of the Goward Dolmen in Co Down must also be submitted by the end of September.

Don't forget no 3. There will be a group photo at the Brief on Sunday 25th at 1pm. Bring some lunch and tell some lies!


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At the Goward Dolmen, Co Down. Last Brief of the year.
Thanks to Charles and Bear the dog for the tea and coffee.
Photo Rally of 2022 wraps up in 2 days time, hope to see you all next year!