2nd verse same as the 1st, but in reverse


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2nd verse same as the 1st, but in reverse

Note: All times for this report are in AEST times.

Lynne the Pillion and I were in 2 minds of attempting this 100CCC after her Aunty passed away but with Lynne’s cousin’s blessing, we were adamant to succeed in Joyce’s memory. My main fear was what if we have a problem along the route and couldn’t get back to Melbourne in time to make it to her funeral?

We arrived at the Port Melbourne United service station as re-planned on Wednesday 21st June around 2am (after Lynne’s Great Aunty Joyce (GAJ) passed away). We tied one of Joyce’s bear on the bike to watch over us as we did the ride in her honor.

Ready for the start, the clock is ticking!

Derrick was already there to sign us out with Wingman arriving soon after. Unfortunately, Hackle couldn’t make the rescheduled time.

Can’t beat a group selfie, Derrick, Wingman (Des), LTP and me

They told us “on your bike” so we did, looking forward to the ride ahead

We decided to carry a 10L jerry can for this ride which meant when we got north of Glendambo we would top up from that on the side of the road rather than another Roadhouse which are sometimes slow to serve and can be queues behind caravans to get to the pumps. This worked very well for us, as we had the jerry can in the right hand pannier with a block of foam stuck to the inside of the lid with a 25mm wide slot cut out of it. The foam did 2 things, the slot was to hold the jerry can screw on spout and the block of foam also held the jerry can in place when the lid is closed. We could re fuel on the side of the road in approx. 2-3 minutes once stopped, much quicker than if I pull up at a servo.

Port Melbourne to Horsham – 292km. Our start docket was time stamped Wednesday 21st June 2.25am and we had a great run out the Western Hwy through Ballarat, Ararat, Stawell with the 4 Ericas lighting up the way and on approaching Horsham we noticed that they have rebuilt our favoured 24 hour stop on the left. We arrived at 5.23am some 22min ahead of our schedule. Refueled and off for the next leg.

Horsham to Tailem Bend – 331km. It seems like no time that we cross the border into SA and at Keith we give a normal head nod to the Andy Caldecott memorial as we rode past. Towns with odd names like Tintinara (or as the locals tell you it’s “Aranitnit backwards) not long after the painted Silos at Coonalpyn appeared as quickly as they were an image in the mirror. We decided to try a new truck stop servo at Tailem Bend getting there at 8.52am. We knew we were 30min ahead so could have a toasted sanga for brekky. Sorry to miss Jeff the Chef who was trying to hunt us down.

Tailem Bend to Port Augusta – 387km. We do not like going into Adelaide and then north so again we decided to turn off at Murray Bridge then up through Palmer, Mt Pleasant, Willamstown, Gawler through the motorsport town of Mallala then north of Balaklava and hit the main highway just south of Lochiel where the Lockiel Monster lives in the Salt Lake. From about 50k south of Port Augusta a bright light can be seen, for those that have ridden up that way will know it is the new structure they built on the western side of the highway, not sure what it is. Into our favoured 24 hour Puma (ex Gull) servo at 1.21pm. The girl behind the counter recognized Lynne and asked if any paperwork was to be signed, funny how those orange nails are remembered around the country. An Ice Coffee and a snack were consumed then off again.

Port Augusta to Glendambo – 289km. Once you leave Pt Aug you start to feel the outback coming towards you as you pass salt lakes and the turn off at Pimba for Spud’s Roadhouse where numerous caravans were making their yearly pilgrimage north to the warmer weather. We arrived at the BP at Glendambo 4.23pm.

Glendambo to Marla – 486km. This section was going to be a test for our us as we needed to stop at the Coober Pedy turnoff near the big truck which sits up high, to top up from the jerry can and we knew it would be dark. All went well with our pre-ride practice sessions in the garage, LTP even geared up to ensure she got into the groove of being on a ride. With LTP being in charge of getting the jerry out of the right pannier releasing any pressure away from the hot exhaust/engine etc screwing the spout on and by this time I have removed the tank bag and ready to be handed the jerry can which would fill in no time. Handed back to LTP she would unscrew the spout, screw on the lid and refit to the pannier, all in about 2 minutes. Our system worked very well with no need to take our helmets off. I always had my RooTED turned on during any night riding and sometimes during the day if wildlife was present. I thought of Fran’s and the roo he knocked over a couple of weeks earlier but up till this point we hadn’t seen any roos only a few foxes. We arrived at Marla at 9.26pm 39min ahead of our schedule which is a little bit more sleep time. The only gourmet food left to eat was 2 pies for me with LTP consuming a rock hard sausage roll, better than nothing.

Marla to Alice Springs – 454km. The alarm went off at 2am both showered and on the road on Thursday 22nd at 2.40am. As we pulled out onto the Stuart Hwy we caught up with a roadtrain who was sitting on 100kmh so I decided to follow him while the vegetation was close to the side of the road. We had noticed quite a few roos as soon as we left Marla and the truckie told me on the UHF radio he was happy for me to leave our driving lights on behind him. We passed him 50km up the road gave him a wave as we headed towards the SA/NT border, again some more roo activity bouncing away from the bike except 1 who decided he wanted to follow the light beam along the road with us for a bit before exiting right into the scrub, he would have been about 5 foot tall but no GoPro was seen on him Frans that we could see. Across the border and the speed limit increases to 130kmh but with the roos around I stayed on 110kmh just to give me more time to take evasive action if required. I love the NT roads with their clear verges which make wildlife harder to hide from you. We had planned to stop at Erldunda for a jerry top up which proved a good decision as we could park under a light which made our job easier. Not far up the road I said to Lynne I need a power nap so pulled in at Stuart’s Well. I don’t normally have power naps but I do listen to experienced LD riders like Ox and Rob and many others so I was up for a try. I knelt beside the bike and put my head down on the seat for only about 10 minutes, didn’t go to sleep but it did rejuvenate me straight away, I am sold on the idea now. The sun was peeking through to our right as we got towards Alice Springs and to our refuel stop at the Shell truck stop on the north side of town at 7.35am. It was here that as Lynne while paying for the fuel had dropped a $10 note on the floor, with that the servo attendant pointed it out to her, with that a “local native” as quick as anything went to grab it and said it was his. Well, he didn’t count on LTP being able to stand up for herself and after a bit of raised voices between the 2 LTP got her $10 back. LTP did mention that the tradies just looked in amazement that she actually stood up to him, Lynne didn’t tell me this happened until later as she didn’t want me to make a scene. I wonder what the tradies thought, that’s my LTP don’t mess with her ya hear!

Alice Springs to Wycliffe Well – 374km. Quite often the winds in the outback can play havoc with fuel consumption but today the trip computer was advising me that if we sat on 126kmh instead of the 130kmh limit we would reach Wycliffe Well without having to stop for a jerry top up in the middle, so this is what I did we made it with 2km left in the tank, ripper. Arriving at 10.51am, 16min behind schedule. It was here that we knew we would have to slip out of our winter gear and travel lighter all the way to Darwin, temperature here was 25c. I had brought small plastic tarp for us to stand on to get changed which we put on the ground just north of the servo on the service road. Must have looked funny because as we both pulled off our boots we were jumping around like 2 Mexicans doing the Hat Dance, the 3 prong jacks were sticking through the tarp into our feet. Off with our Warm and Safe heated jackets, pants liners, our motorbike jacket liners, and our heated sock. We stuff all this into a bag that straps onto the top box rack, it takes time but not too much.

Wycliffe Well to Elliot – 386km. I was hoping to be able to sit on 126kmh again and make Elliot without a top up, but the side wind had picked up enough to affect the fuel consumption, looked like I would have had do 118km to get there, so I opened it up to 130kmh and have a jerry top up at Three Ways. North of Wauchope is the turn off for Devils Marbles and it was a great sightseeing all the caravans turning here, less on the road I think to myself. Tennant Creek soon appears and we keep an eye out for Brookester who had said he will try and meet us at Three Ways 20km north. It didn’t take long though for us to empty the 10L in and we were gone in a flash. Sorry Brookester we missed you. Past Renner Springs had us soon pulling up at the BP in Elliot at 2.37pm, nearly back on target. The lady at the register asked if we’d been there before as she recognized those nails! Another Ice Coffee slammed down as did the salad sandwich. We were talking to 2 guys driving south from being at the Darwin V8 car racing the weekend prior, they were interested in what we were doing and loved the concept. Lynne said we’ll wave as we pass you in a day or so, they had a laugh as they were taking a week to return to Melbourne.

Elliot to Katherine – 419km. It felt like we were nearly to Darwin with only 735km left for the northward leg, funny how in LD riding talk you think that the distance from say Melbourne to Adelaide is not far. Newcastle Waters on our left is worth a visit if you have time, but Daly Waters is our next top up but I recalculated on the run and thought we aim for Mataranka which may get us into Darwin. Some 10km south of Mataranka is the turn off to Elsey Station Cemetery which we visited with Kimmie coming back to Daly Waters following the FarRide North #1 to Litchfield Pub, Darwin River. That day was quite hot and humid and we found Kimmie doesn’t like the heat, we had a fun ride with her south. We hit Mataranka at 5.35pm for a refuel. A quick phone call to Wendy in Darwin to confirm our accommodation details and that she would meet us at Noonamah on the side of the road. The setting sun was blinding for what seemed to be a good 30 minutes or so, my arms were aching from holding my hand up to block the sun out, I was glad no wildlife seemed to be around. Though Katherine, no fuel needed now, I wave to a guy getting back into his car towing a trail bike. We had overtaken him 800km earlier and had a brief chat on the UHF at the time but I think his radio was crackly making him hard to understand. It was dark by this time and I was doing 110kmh, quite often there are lots of roos through here to Darwin but not tonight. We had another radio chat and he was happy to lead and pointing out the debris on the road and for me to leave our high beams on and fry his retinas which was nice of him. By the time we got to Adelaide River I needed fuel and opted to use the pump fuel which was still open. Some refreshments to take to Wendy’s house and we were out of there. Not far to Noonamah and true to her word Wendy pulled out on her Honda ST with lights blazing and led us to her house which we reached around 9.30pm I think. We were greeted at home by her daughter Danae who we had met at the FarRide to Bark Hut Inn in Kakadu, who is also a FarRider and their very cheeky but very pretty Lorikeets. Wendy had to go back to work for some time, then return home for some sleep then escort us to the Shell servo in Darwin for our finish docket of the northbound leg which must be within 50hours of starting from Port Melbourne. We had planned to have our rest period here which allowed us some 4.5 hours sleep, it was great. Lynne woke up at 2.59am and asked was it time to get up, with that I checked the phone and the alarm was about to buzz, yep time to go. We followed Wendy along Tiger Brennan Drive and to the Shell. Our finish docket is 4.16am meaning we had 10 minutes up our sleeve, this also served as our start time for the southward leg back to Port Melbourne. Wendy led us out down the Stuart Hwy where were got all the green traffic lights and had a great run back near Noonamah to wave goodbye. Wendy had to get back home to get some sleep before returning to work. A big thanks to Wendy for her help and also Danae.

At the Shell servo in Darwin, ready for the 2nd verse. Her we are with Wendy

Darwin to Katherine – 316km. So with a Friday 23rd at 4.16am start docket for the return meant we have until 6.16am on Sunday 25th to reach Port Melbourne which would make sure the southbound leg was within 50hours and also less than 100 hours total. Our incentive today was that if we could make Marla which is 1949km away, we have factored in an 8 hour rest stop, not that is all sleep though by the time you organize the motel key, a bit of food and shower the next morning, but 6 hours or so sounded beautiful. So we headed South, passing by the same sleeping caravan people in overcrowded rest areas that we past only what seemed a few hours earlier. The sun was coming up and I was more than happy to see it wasn’t blinding like the night before. Into the BP at Katherine at 7.40am for brekky. A quick call to Hackle to say everything is going fine. Lynne sent Brookester a message letting him know we were back on the road heading his way.

Katherine to Elliot – 419km. Another clear blue sky morning greeted us and it was great riding weather until we reached Mataranka to south of Larrimah where we had long patches of fog, and a fresh temp of 16c, but soon we were doing a jerry can top up at Daly Waters. We had a trouble free run to Elliot, it was funny when the lady thought Lynne was joking the day before when she said she would be back tomorrow. She was happy to be greeted with a smile and a “I’m back” from LTP.

Elliot to Wycliffe Well – 386km. The army were on the move south with numerous convoys shuffling along which made overtaking interesting, but we gave them all a wave or thumbs up as we went by. There was a 4WD towing a pop up caravan down the embankment upside down along here with a Police car minding it. I assume everyone was out of the car hopefully ok, a tow truck was heading north not long after. A quick fuel top up at Three Ways keeping an eye out for Brookester again but we missed home again, he must be working on outback time! 100km north of Wycliffe Well we got stopped at roadworks and the young girl said it will be a while. So, we switched off the engine, got off to have a stretch and had a chat to the her. She was very interested in the bike and where we were riding to, fashion shopping in Melbourne. Soon underway and into Wycliffe Well just before 3pm.

I could get a job out here, hey get your own stop sign!

Wycliffe Well is known for UFO sightings

Wycliffe Well to Alice Springs – 374km. I was hoping to reach Alice on the tank full as we did on the way northward and by some speed adjustment made this possible. At Ti Tree I had another power nap, same as before kneeling beside the bike with my head on the seat, 10 minutes and off again.

It might look uncomfortable but it was just bliss.

Into Alice to the BP at 6.20pm for more go juice and Lynne reported back that it was going to be around zero tonight. We realised we have to put our heated gear on for the run through to Marla, so pulled up on the south side of Alice just as the sun was going down. A stop to put on our layers again and although the temperature dropped slowly, we needed the extra warmth 1 hour or so later.

Alice Springs to Marla – 454km. Roos were starting to dance around now so we were on full alert, Ericas ablaze, RooTED on but none came in front of us. By the time we reached the SA/NT border I felt I needed another nap, so 10 minutes was had off the bike again. We both sat on the bench seats below the million star sky and closed our eyes, wonderful. South of here was where we had lots of roos on the northern run but I was happy not to see any between here and Marla which we reached at 11.45pm, 15 minutes ahead of schedule. Another gourmet dinner consisting of 1 pie and a sandwich, as that’s all that was left but geez it tasted good. A great night sleep was had.

Marla to Glendambo – 486km. It is now Saturday 24th and we were on the road just before 8am with the sun shining which felt odd after having our longest sleep so far. We saw a few drops of rain fall but it came to nothing. There must have been a Harley Davidson meeting in Port Augusta as lots were heading that way. Another jerry refill in good time had us back on the black tar and soon we were at Glendambo at 12.26pm. Upon Lynne going into pay for the fuel the girl at the counter mentioned that if we had of been an hour earlier we would’ve been amongst approx. 50 Harley riders who were all complaining that it was cold. The girl asked Lynne where we were from, where we’d been and where were we heading. Upon telling her the girl said ah I think I had 3 of your nutter friends here a couple of weeks ago, we thought to ourselves Rob, Frans and Farkleit, Lynne advised her that would be correct. She then asked if we needed any paperwork completed and Lynne advised a receipt would be sufficient, thank you. This was the 1st time that we actually sat down to have something to eat and the Brunch toasted Ham and Cheese sandwiches were very tasty and well worth the ride to get them.

Glendambo to Port Augusta – 289km. I said to Lynne we are nearly home with only a FR12 FarRide distance of 1299km left. Back past Spud’s Roadhouse again and not long into Port Augusta to the BP at 3.26pm. Chicky phoned me while here and we had a brief talk about the ride so far, thanks Chicky, see you at the Border. The temperature dropped to around 18c here and the air got that winter chill in it.

Port Augusta to Tailem Bend – 387km. Again, we cut through the back way via Balaklava, Mallala which must have had a car racing meeting under lights happening could be seen for kms. I thought we would have seen a lot of roos through Gawler, Mt Pleasant to Murray Bridge but again we saw none. Into Tailem Bend Shell 24 hour at 8.06pm for a bite to eat, I rang Rob who had tried to phone a couple of times throughout the trip, thanks Rob it was nice to finally have a chat with you.

Tailem Bend to Horsham – 331km. With 623km to go we really felt that we were in home territory now and with the heated clothing turned on we were snug as even though the temps from here to the finish were around 6-8. Again across the border into Victoria and the kms seemed to be peeling off easier we were soon at the BP for a receipt indicating it was 12.45am Sunday 25th.

Horsham to Port Melbourne – 292km. I closed my eyes again with a power nap for the last time on this ride and again although I didn’t actually fall asleep on any of my power naps, the benefits of just resting your eyes and not concentrating on anything really had a good outcome each time for me. Back on the road and this section is very familiar to us and it was not long we were at Ararat and it was great to see a happy face we knew, Derrick had decided to ride out and intercept us on his Triumph. He asked if we wanted to go in front or let him escort us. We followed him and as we departed Ballarat a white bike and rider were on the left, I gave him a wave not realizing who it was until we got to Port Melbourne, soon I see his headlight and then he was on my tail. Soon after another motorbike headlight was coming up on my right, Nico couldn’t sleep either and came out to usher us back home. As we travelled over the Westgate Bridge Lynne was waving, upon asking her what she was doing she responded with waving to Melbourne. I then responded are we getting a docket and turning around for a 150CCC?!!

Over the Westgate Bridge and Derrick knew the plan that we wanted to finish at the same United as we started from, so turn left under the bridge then left again saw us back to where we started from less than 100 hours earlier. So at the end we had Wingman, Nico, Derrick, Hackle and Elwyn and the mystery rider we picked up earlier at Ballarat was none other than Nev on his Super Tenere.

All up we rode 7468km in 97hr 11 minutes.

We were happy with that

Paperwork still must be completed

LTP and I with Wingman doing the honours of witnessing us back in

Nico, LTP, Wingman and I

Myself with Derrick and LTP

Group shot with Nev, Hackle, Wingman, Nico, Me, LTP and Derrick

This was a very rewarding ride and we didn’t want it to finish as we were thoroughly enjoying it, it was a shame it came to an end but we didn’t have it in us to keep going.

To everyone watching this ride unfold, thank you.

A special thank you goes to Derrick, Wingman, Nev, Nico, Hackle and Elwyn for being at the start and/or finish. Including Wendy and Danae for their assistance and hospitality in Darwin.

Thanks to Enterprise, Rob, Philmor and Joymor (both in the U.S) and Chicky for keeping a tab on our progress and their SMS messages of support.

Sorry we didn’t get to see Jeff the Chef and Brookester along the route, maybe next time fellas.

We dedicate this ride to “GAJ” (Great Aunt Joyce)

Occasionally using her motto along the way “BTB” (Beat The Bastards)
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oi... im resembling one of those 3 nutters. lol.
congrats on a fabulous effort and ride. youve got the working as a team down pat!.
i can see the major difference between your wife and mine.
yours first. Hey lyn. Clearwater have these new lights. i think the bike needs another set. reply. Sure we need to see where we are riding.
now mine. Hi Babe. i think i need another set of lights on the bike they are not cheap but i really need them.
Reply. WTF. the bike has lights from the factory plus you have that big set you already put on the bike.
no way get a second job and finish that bathroom reno. !

lucky you fatman ! pmsl.
seriously. bloody congrats to u both. great ride great report and pics.