4-Corners and 50cc Ride

I have been planning a 4-corners ride for 2 years now. Finally have a start date and have been diligently working on all the details. There are 3 of us going. We are leaving Denver and meeting one of the riders in New Orleans. Our plan is to do a SS1000 from New Orleans to Key West. There we will start our 4-Corners and end our SS1000 when we arrive and get gas that evening. Leaving the next morning we will start a BB1500 to Jacksonville Beach where we will spend the night. The next morning we will start our 50cc and a BBG to Van Horn TX. My question is, when we get to Jacksonville Beach we will need a gas receipt to show completion on the BB1500. Then the next morning we plan to leave at 4 am will we need to have a gas receipt again to show start time on the BBG.(we will already be full) Or when we arrive in Jacksonville Beach could we just use the hotel check in as our finishing time? Have Desk Clerk do a finish affidavit?


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At that time of morning, a breakfast receipt would work great. Or consider a dinner receipt from the evening and a gas receipt in the morning. There's usually more than one way to document a stop/start.