4 corners ride requirements? Got link


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Thanks Ira. Surprised me. I thought all of our crazy ride ideas were of our own design. Cheers.
The Four Corners ride is really not that crazy. One has 21 days to complete it and you don't have to finish where you started - you're done when you hit the fourth corner. A few years ago, a friend of mine and I did it by riding only about 500 miles/day, stopping at every wacky roadside attraction, spending a day here and there visiting friends and relatives, and still finishing in around 16 days. It's really a tour, and not a tough ride at all. Highly recommended.

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If a person has the time the 4 corners is a great adventure. I did it 10 years ago on a GL1200. left my home in Southern Oregon and rode to the Mexican border South of San Diego for my start. I went counter clockwise to finish in Blaine Washington in 15 days. I toured the USS Constitution in Boston, MA and saw the church where Paul Revere saw the lantern before he started his famous ride. In Key West, FL I took a ride in an ultra light on floats and the pilot let me fly. I camped most nights including a fabulous camp ground just South of Boston.
Great fun.