5 States With A Twist .....

Recently we were planning our route to attend the FarRide at Yandina QLD when we realised that we could possibly do another Iron Butt Ride, an Australian Specific Ride, “States with a Twist”. Hence having to travel to Texas and Kentucky being 2 US states and then you add on the following states QLD, NSW & VIC which makes it 5 states with a twist. We don’t get up that way very often so we decided we’d give it a go. We attended the FarRide and then travelled back to Texas for the night for a good night sleep before starting the ride on Sunday 9th July 2017 early morning.

Texas – Warialda 123kms We awoke to a brisk -0.1 degrees, geared up and then rode up to Fords Family Store, Texas for fuel and a start docket at 07.25am.

This was a late start for us as we decided to leave later than usual as there was a bit of wildlife jumping around the previous night coming into town. However from where I sit, at the rear end, since having the RooTED system switched on “BeeP BeeP” I have a lot more confidence in roo infested areas. After fueling up and getting our docket and completing our required paperwork we jumped on the bike and turned our heated gear on, luxury. Our next stop was to be Warialda as we required a corner docket. The roads were a bit rough through here but otherwise quite a pleasant morning ride. I was dreading having to stop for a corner docket as it meant I had to turn get off the bike and unplug my heated gear! This was certainly a very quick get off bike, get docket, complete paperwork, and get back on bike to return to my heated gear, ah lovely.

Warialda – Glen Innes 126kms So back on the bike and our heated gear plugged back in, ok let’s go, next stop Glen Innes for another corner docket. It seems that I just get comfy and we have to stop again!

Glen Innes – Uralla 121kms When we pulled up Mick asked me to get the Jerry can out of the pannier and I looked at him stupid. He laughed at me as the last time we were here was when we were doing our 50CC Warrnambool to Cooktown back on 26th September 2016, oh that seems so long ago. We refueled here as we didn’t want to trust getting fuel at Kentucky, although as it turns out there is fuel available there, not sure about PULP?

Uralla – Kentucky 15kms Upon pulling up opposite the general store we took a few pics,

we then proceeded to enter the store and order some food and a hot drink. When I asked for a receipt the gentleman asked if we were on a timed run. We both looked at him and hesitantly replied ah yes. He advised that in recent times he had had a few people on bikes through obtaining a docket and picture of the general store. Over lunch we had a good talk with the owner and explained what our riding entailed. He was very happy that his little shop was getting some publicity and Bell, the guard dog is quite happy to photo bomb your photo or just clean up any food you drop.

So, if you are passing through the area pop into the general store for a bite to eat or cuppa it’s only 3kms off the New England Hwy.

Kentucky – Dubbo 387kms After saying goodbye to the owner and the guard dog, Bell, we headed for Dubbo. We had originally decided that we would stop at Dubbo for a feed and let the sun go down but as normal we were feeling pretty good and we decided to keep going

Dubbo – Parkes 120kms. We stopped in Parkes for a bite to eat and a hot cuppa before we got back on the road. I was reminding Mick of the roadworks at Peak Hill when we came across the signs then came the dirt slippery road.

Parkes – Wyalong 131kms I think we got all the traffic that was heading home after the school holidays as we had to keep flicking off our high beam! How dare they be on the road now they should have left earlier and given us a clear run with our lights on full blast. We refueled here and decided to have a powernap for 15-20mins.

Wyalong – Barnawartha 294kms The fog was starting to linger in the air and we had some spits of rain but that eventuated to nothing. As we cross the Murray we both realised we are now into our “5th State” for the ride.

Barnawartha – Berwick 353kms Ok so we’re nearly home, just need to get through all the roadworks. We pulled up at the CBA autobank near home and obtained our final docket at 4.33am, congratulated each other then went home. It was so nice to finally be home and we both snuggled down in bed for a good sleep.

Total 1670kms.

The following animals were sighted during this ride; Kangaroos, wallaby, emu, 1 very big dead boar, piglets, hundreds of bats, numerous birdlife, wombats and all the other usual critters cattle & sheep but none of them were an issue.

See you out there again soon. :cool: :p
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Thanks for you congrats guys.

What a great ride you pair.

No wonder I didn't get much time to chat and when I turned around you were off out the door.
Fabulous pics!


Sorry Kimmie, we were on a mission to get to Texas ASAP, I promise to have a chat or two with you at the Border.
Nothing like encountering some local residents (wildlife) while trying to make some time out on the road.
Glad you both arrived safely.

Great report - trying to keep up with the guys and gals from "down under"!!



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Nothing like encountering some local residents (wildlife) while trying to make some time out on the road.
Glad you both arrived safely.

Great report - trying to keep up with the guys and gals from "down under"!!


Glad you enjoyed the report Mike, thanks for reading it from up there....:)


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Very nice report crew. It took me a moment to log the ride date to present time. Im off for a ride again this week so ill chech the statis of the store as its hours have not been normal for some time now.
Great to see you out and about...but are you ever home?