50cc April weather

I have some time off in April. Thought about a 50cc. Anybody done it In April that can give me some kinda of weather temps. I expect rain not an issue.

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I can tell you that when I did the Heart of Texas Rally last April, the weather was sunny and warm. Things were sunny and pleasant all the way back to South Carolina. I can't imagine that anything west of Texas would be insufferably cold (assuming you're doing the I-10/I-8 route from Jax-San Diego).


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I attempted one several years ago at the end of March left NH on the 24th of March road a SS1000 to Kings Bay GA got a room and left for San Diego on the 25th had a tire blow out in Tx the wipe out the CC50 but was able to turn it into a couple SS1000's. Rode the CC50 on the way home at the end of April. Once I was in South Carolina weather was unremarkable. Had a heated liner and probably used it some but I really don't remember hence unremarkable.


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Looks like you are planning E to W. IMO the trick is to not be caught by unexpected weather. The eastern half of the ride should be pretty stable weather that time of year. Fairly simple to look at a weather app to see what you are dealing with. The desert portion from mid-TX to the imperial valley in CA can get colder or hotter that time of year with the added possible issue of winds. The last 90-ish miles in to San Diego is mountains. You could be in 80f weather in the Imperial valley and 50f and strong winds 20 miles later followed by fog 40 miles further along.

I would make the effort to look ahead at weather conditions so I can plan gear changes. If you read reports of this ride you will notice the CA mountain section gets mentioned alot for it's weather. Weather Underground, for one web source, lets you look at historic weather conditions. The ride seems very doable that time of year. Good Luck!
Thanks guys. I'm from South Carolina. Yes east to west. yes I10 I was going to wear heavy jacket and carry the heated gear. Rain not an issue. Have heated gear will carry it just was hoping to not have to use. Low 40's for distance is something i was hoping to avoid. "The last 90-ish miles in to San Diego is mountains." Thanks that was helpful


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I'm planning mine in April as well. not 100% sure on the weather I'll face, but by then winter in the south should be a thing of the past. it's just the western states I'm unsure of. I'm also tinkering with the idea of a 100CCC. it will depend on how I feel when I get to SD. I was also thinking about jumping up to Barstow and doing the I40 E2E on the way back. One step at a time though. :)