50cc Quest v2.1

Just to be sure I understand, before heading out next month on my 50cc from San Diego to Jacksonville, the witness requirements for this ride.

Version 1.0 states:
  • At least one police officer, firefighter, judge, notary public
    • Authorized Iron Butt Association member ( I believe this refers to the I.B.A. Approved Witness list )
  • The signature of any two dealership employees.
  • At least three (3) independent eye-witnesses.
Version 2.1 states:
  • Read the rules for the iconic SaddleSore 1000 on the Ironbutt Association site. The rules for this ride are similar and you will get valuable background information.
So under the v2.1 rules, I could use just about anyone in San Diego. As long as they would respond later to a possible verification letter from the IBA?


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Way to go F4D!

Ira, can I add a question to this?

Let’s say F4D is at the bottom of the 49th hour, 45th minute, Day 2, and he has made it to Jacksonville, but, there is a huge accident at Jacksonville airport road, and the highway is closed....
He’s on Int 295, and he pops off at Rte 113, hook’s a right, pulls off at Arlington Hills and turn up Hartsfield Road and rides to the end, and gets his salt water sample from there. Although it’s 12 miles/22 mins away from the “Mayport Naval Station Base and the True Atlantic Ocean” does this salt water sample from White Shell Bay, an Atlantic Ocean Fed Estuary, still count?
(Oh, ....and his 4 signatures all say Jacksonville, FL, and are date, time, signed perfectly).

(Long Island, NY)


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The rules do not require one obtain sand or salt water the the two ends of the ride. As the rules state,

". . .to really do the ride justice, you should make it a point, even though the rules do not technically call for it as verification would be nearly impossible, to visit the ocean at both ends of your ride."

Just like many other IBA certification rides, the official start and end times are documented with receipts. So as long as the end receipt (in this case) reads "Jacksonville, FL", it is acceptable.

Ira Agins
Iron Butt Association


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Before my one-and-only 50CC Quest, I was in Jacksonville a week after Hurricane Matthew blew through. The Jacksonville Beach shoreline was closed - as in fencing and no trespassing signs - for seven miles, according to a local I spoke to. I did a scouting run before my ride started... :cool: ...one of the smarter things I did on that ride.

So, though I was able to get sand samples -off clock- on both coasts, sea water wasn't going to be possible, due to conditions.