6th Gen Gold Wing Mods


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Greg Rice has a great website about modifying all of the bikes he has ridden long distance, Gold Wings included. I used (copied) his ideas for most of my farkles on my 2006 Gold Wing. I departed from his methods on a few things with my 2018. I thought I would pass them on. Buyer beware, I'm an average mechanic even after the third or fourth try...

Tank Mount
For the aux tank mount, I didn't like anyones idea of drilling through the oem grab handles. I bought the Baker Built grab handles for the mount. They mount under the seat firmly to the frame, in the same way the Traxxion grab handles and tank mount attach. I removed the handle piece, and then drilled through the mount to attach my tank. It makes for a very secure attach point. It's grounded metal to metal.

Tapping the Gas Tank
With four kids that like to ride, I needed a way to remove the tank without taking all the plastic off to get to the feed tubing and venting. I used the set up that California Side Car (after speaking to their engineer) uses to add an aux tank to their trikes. The parts are less than $20 (buy two grommets, because you will probably ruin the first one) which allows for a 1/4 line to be run to the tank. It drills into the plastic on the left top side of the tank. Instead of removing the tank, I syphoned the tank, then removed the fuel pump and lock ring. You don't need the tool mentioned in the shop manual to remove the lock ring (according to the local Honda Service Shop). A flat blade screwdriver and a few taps of a hammer will get it turning. The shop manual also calls for a new o ring each time you remove the lock ring. If your bike is fairly new, the o ring may or may not need to be replaced, but I did cause the shop manual said so. I placed a cup through the hole where the fuel pump was and placed it under where I drilled to catch all the shavings and burrs.. A shut off disconnect at other end of the hose routed to the back of the passenger seat allows me to remove the tank without taking off the seat or lots of plastic. The disadvantage of this set up is the aux tank may be larger than your stock tank, and overfilling it will flood the charcoal filter and cause a rough running bike for a few minutes. I never forgot to turn off the valve on the 06 Gold Wing, but it is a reoccurring theme on the new bike. There are detailed instructions and pictures on California Side Cars website. Steps 16-19 and step 33.
https://img1.wsimg.com/blobby/go/19...wnloads/Encore AUX TANK.pdf?ver=1613062131090

IPhone not in the trunk on Airbag model
After my 06 was totaled, I thought an airbag would be a good idea. It didn't occur to me until the first rally that I had no place for a tankbag. I still haven't solved that other than my Klim gear is treated like a fishing vest with stuff in every pocket. The iPhone in the trunk on the Airbag model presents all sorts of issues when using CarPlay. The connection can be finicky, and if it disconnects, you have to stop, get off, open the trunk reset the connection and then get moving again. The second problem is you can't press digits if you have to navigate a phone menu. The third problem, is some of you apps that do go through the dash screen still need inputs not available through the handlebar controls. Nobody had a retail solution. I bought a Honda OEM usb data cord meant for the non airbag model, and ran it up the right side of the bike under the seat and plastic. That gets you up to about 6 inches short of the handle bar stem. A three foot usb cord, sealed however you like to waterproof the connection to the data cord, runs up the handlebar to a ram mount. Now you have full functioning car play and phone to use within reach. I left the original data cord in place at the trunk, just disconnected and sealed in the event I would need if for some reason in the future.

Velcro on both sides of the handle bar and a velcro'd stylus solve any glove issues and fat fingers (for when you are stopped of course)

Portable Battery Jumper
Finally, if you have a DCT, you will want a jumper box if you kill your battery. (waited to learn that lesson until tech inspection at IBR 2019) There is no way to pop the clutch... Eric V recommended the Antigravity Micro Start. The Sport model will start the Gold Wing. I got the xp3 model because it will also start a v8 (so i have multi purpose box). $100-120 on Revzilla. They are way smaller than I expected. I have had the chance to use it. Works great. I really miss keys you can remove so you know your bike isn't on...

Upgrading from a pre-2018
If you are on a gen 5 Gold Wing and wondering if you should switch, there are two things to think about. First, there is no pocket of still air in front of you anymore. Air comes up the tunnel from the tire, and air comes in from under the windshield. Not necessarily a bad thing, unless you are use to eating full meals on the bike. I used to eat hamburgers, pizza, chicken strips, ice cream sundays and anything else that could sit on the ledge in front of the gauges or in my lap. Now there is no ledge nor still air, and I wear more of it than I get to eat. And if you have a crosswind, the car passing you in Wyoming doesn't like mustard, go figure??? Second big issue is the rear passenger does not have the room or the comfort. The back rest is too short, the armrests are a joke, and everything is closer to the rider. My son is 5'8" and after 8 hours during one of Wolfe's anywhere rallies he was feeling a little (a lot) cramped. The back seat is no longer a barcalounger. Kuryakyn just came out with a mount that moves the trunk back 4 inches so maybe that will help. The 2021 has a bigger trunk and a higher backrest. There are other small issues with the bike, as there are with all bikes. But in my opinion, I had less fatigue on my last few rallies because the bike just handles so much better everywhere, except tooling down I-80. It feels and rides like a smaller bike. The electronics are great, and there are ways to add wired stuff back in if you want to keep your old wired intercom. I do miss my edset. The gas mileage is better and does compensate for the smaller tank. I used to stop for gas at 190-200 miles on the stock tank on the 2006, and i get at least that range on the new bike.

Thank you Justin!!!!
Listen to Justin Long's review on longridersradio.com for a great run down on what he thinks of the bike and what he did to improve his.