A Leatherneck and an Iron Butt (a Marine attempt at the Iron Butt Association 48 Plus/10 aka 49/10

Scott, awesome ride and report. I not only enjoyed the read of your ride but your follow up was great also. I thank you for sharing your experiences, joys, and accomplishment. Also, sharing your hindsight of the ride was welcomed.


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Thank you, Scott, for the detailed ride report. I have read and re-read.
I'm in the planning stages for a 48+ next year and you definitely provide a great deal of detail and insight. Although I'll be starting from Michigan, your map is a big help, especially the NE portion. My planned route parallels yours in reverse in many ways, including the gas stop.

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I just read your entire post for the second time. So detailed it id hard to take it all in.

Did want to make a correction at the beginning. The two mountains in Colorado are the highest mountains with a road to ride to the top. The highest point in the lower 48 states is still Mount Whitney in California. If you hike to the top one can see the lowest point, Badwater in Death Valley.