A man in a bar

A man in a bar starts talking to a prostitute…He says “how much for a hand job?” She says it’s $250. He says, “ $250 for a lousy hand job? That’s crazy!“She says, “Honey, follow me “and takes him outside. “See that Ferrari? I bought that Ferrari just with money from hand jobs. I give the best in the world.”So he figures he’ll try it, and what do you know, it’s great. It’s a week before he’s horny again.So he goes back to the same bar and asked her about a blowjob. She says it’s $500. He thinks that’s too much. She says, “Honey, come out back. See that mansion up on the hill? I bought that mansion with just money from blowjobs. I give the best blow jobs.”So he takes her up on it and it’s amazing. He’s absolutely drained for a month. Now he’s obsessed and he has to go back.He finds her in the bar. Desperately, he says “I gotta know, how much for the pussy?”“Oh honey,” she says, “If I had one of those I’d own this town!!.