A question from UK softie about Nordcapp

John Young

Triumph Triple expert.
I am looking for a "winter challenge" and I wondered what was the feasibility of riding up to Nordcapp during the winter ?

As I'm not used to riding in the snow on a solo, I'd be using my Trident outfit (the same one that I used a couple of years ago to get to the Krystall Rally)

Can anyone offer me any guidance please ?


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Welcome up to the North!

Things are starting to...

...cook here now. :)
(Nooo, not -16 degrees. But photo was shot this morning: October 4th 2016)

Yes, you can go up there. I'll leave the ordinary "no problem" out this time, but it is absolutely doable.
It has been done, and almost every year there are riders from Italy, Spain or France fulfilling a dream and go up there.
...on a scooter, or something else totally misadjusted.

But, the problem is geting out to the cliff if self: the road is officially closed out to Nordkapp during winter time.
If you are observant you can actually see the boom when you ride out in the summer time.
In the winter, however, the boom is down. Officially.

This is me, scouting the tracks from a snow weasel that has gone around the boom.

Photo credit: Jonkko

Yes, possible to pass under good snow conditions - but very, very unlawful in Norway.
See, the road is indeed cleared even in the winter - but this appears not to be paid for by the Government, but rather on private initiative to allow the tourist companies to bus the cruise guests out to the Nordkapp-cliff thoughout the winter.

So, if Honningsvåg is sufficent to you - absolutely doable.

If the classic globe out on the cliff is to be reached, by bike, in the winter - doubtful.
Please allow one or two days extra att Honningsvåg, prepare to ask a lot of people to get a permission and brace for a breathtaking fee.
If at all accepted.

A couple of more things to concider:

# Do NOT attempt to ride the Nordic countries solo in the winter time!
Bring some friends. It is a fantastic experience, but best shared.
There are vast areas without telephone coverage - and the batteries are most likely to die on you in minutes, anyway.
At a break down, you risk have to sit for hours before being observed.
Furthermore: low temperatures messes with your mind. Long before you reach obvious hypothermia, you are prone to make even more stupid decisions than under normal conditions. This is another reason to why a couple of friends tagging along for the ride is a good insurance.

# Make sure you have a plan B. ..and C, D - the alphabet through on how to evade foul weather.

Winter riding is the most thrilling experience there is.
It takes so much preparation, and all pieces must fit into the puzzle - but when it does; wow!

So, who will you bring?

I met Martin Gibson twice at Primustreff in Norway.
Nice guy from London. Perhaps he can be tricked into coming along?
This is a very inspiring clip he has made on this years Primus:

Please let us know your plans, and we will do what we can to assist you.


John Young

Triumph Triple expert.
Thanks Hampe for all of your advice (so far ....)

My plan would be to do this in early February if possible and take in the Krystall Rally again on the way back south

What route would you suggest ? Norway or Sweden ? Remember I would be using my outfit rather than a solo bike.


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Speaking about Primustreffen, when and where is it?
Primustreff is held at a fixed place:"Fjorda", just outside Bjoneroa. I'll provide coordinates later.

It is also held on a fixed date - always the last weekend of February.
...which opens possibilities for John - as it just one week after Krystallrally. ^^

Krystall on the other hand floats around in time: any which weekend in February, and alternates between a number of places. 2017 it will be held in Gol.

@ John

Apart from going on the east side of the Baltic sea and up through Finland, you'll have three clearly defined corridors to choose from.

A. E4 coastal road through Sweden, via Stockholm.

B. E45 inland road

C. E6 Sweden/Norway

There are pros and cons with all of them - specially in the winter - but I'll have to get back to you on that. Work is calling here.

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