A trip up norf


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First decent trip to Dent in Cumbria camping last W/E up the A1 windy and two delays due to broken down HGV's rain north of Ferrybridge but an entertaining ride with a group of 'Blue angels' riders tagged on the back and made some 'progress' to Leeming bar where I turned off.
Cross country on A and B roads loaded with camping gear for the first time in heavy rain the OEM Pirelli tyres an unknown quantity to me but they did nothing alarming so the pace improved not sure about tire life I don't think they will last long i am used to Metzler Tourance or Avon trail riders,
High laning camp site tent up gear sorted down to the George and Dragon to be able to sit in a pub FOR THE FIRST TIME IN A YEAR a couple of pints of Dent ale later then back to the camp site for a very nice Goulash that an acquaintance of mine cooked for six of us.
Up at Sparrow fart on Saturday for a ride around the passes in the lake district the bike was light nimble with bags of low down torque got back to the camp site at 6pm and we finished the goulash it tasted better on day two then back to the G&D for quality control purposes.
Sunday South on the A1 high blustery head winds hard work but the bike pulled effortlessly that disproved the opinion in some quarters that it's under powered
850 miles average 65 MPG happy with that.


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Happy days are here again
The skies above are clearer again
So let's sing a song of cheer again
Happy days are here again