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There's a whole forum of all things radar detector related out there...

...might find your answer there.

(Uniden R1 owner)

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Actually I know about that forum and also the Vortex channel on youboob. Someone posted some stuff on the Adaptiv product but none of the attachments are working. I guess I "could" start an account on that to ask. :)
They aren't completely useless, but they aren't great. Even the latest rev falses a ton due to BSM and active cruise control output of many cars (Hondas are particularly bad). Range-wise, you will usually get enough to react, but that's about it. The obvious benefit you get that you don't have elsewhere is that you can mount it where it will get rained on and ostensibly it will be unaffected. Don't try that with a V1.

Speaking of, the V1 is a perfectly good detector, and was the King of the Hill for about 15 years (more maybe). but, as all such things go, there are now several newer and considerably better options available. In particular, if you like the arrows thing, that patent ran out so now there are Escort, Uniden, and Radenso models that are all really good, and have the arrows. IMO the best value in a detector right now is the Uniden R3, which has huge range, excellent falsing rejection (but not perfect; nothing can be) for about $350.

Hope this helps.

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Like my awesome editing of your reply? LOL

Anyhoo...I signed-up for the RD Forums last night; I've known about the place for years but avoided it for whatever reason. I finally corrected that and have already learned a ton.

I'd love to get a full ALP-system with the NetRadar, but damn if I'm going to spend nearly $3,000 for it. Adaptiv also makes a stand-alone laser detector/jammer that seems to be pretty effective according to some of the testors, even against the dreaded Dragon Eye, though the single rear head could only jam it from about 700', the fronts were jamming to the gun repeatedly, only getting punch-through at about 100'.

A complete Adaptive system would run about $1,000, but as you said, the detector is a weak point in that it's detectable by detectors and it false-positives a lot.

So it would seem a good compromise would be the Adaptiv laser system paired with something like the R3 or R7, along with whatever else is needed to make sure I see the alerts.
V1's have also been 'upgradeable' for most of their lifespan.
This is true, and is a net positive. I have a V1 in my truck that I've spent maybe $900 or so on, between buying it originally and updating it, and that is a lot less money than replacing it over and over. But, it hasn't been upgradeable to a level that meets the best competition for years, so IMO this isn't really a feature that matters until we see the V2 appear someday.

That said, for those who already have one, there is no reason IMO to replace it, as the most recent updates from Valentine have greatly reduced falsing, and the performance, while not objectively at the top any more, is still really really good.

Another feature that makes a V1 something to consider for motorcycle use is the availability of the V1 phone app. If you have someplace you can deploy a V1 on your bike that keeps it out of the elements, you can use a dash-mounted phone to get your alerts so as to not expose the detector to the elements or have to put it away when you get to VA.

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I've been toying with this whole idea of installing a radar detector and laser detector/jammer for a while now. I think the first system I was looking at was the AL Priority and NetRadar DSP, but WOW is that system costly (just over $2,700!). I finally signed-up for the Radar Detector Forums and have been pouring over the test data people have been providing.

I'll just start with this: The V1 is well-past its prime, even with the different apps available. Sure, it can mostly get the job done, just as one can complete the IBR on a 1950s machine.

I haven't really found much on the Adaptiv radar detector, but from what I have seen is that it is...not good. At all. However, the laser jamming capabilities from the stand-alone TPX are excellent, even though it only supports one (optional) head in the rear, and sadly, one isn't enough to block the more difficult-to-jam guns like the various Dragon Eye systems. However, I think it would be good to buy two sets (instead of one set plus one optional head), and have one pair facing front and the other pair to the rear, with each pair being its own separate system. Cost would be about $1,100, which is about $500 less than the ALP system. Still, we know ALP is for all intents and purposes, undefeatable, whereas the TPX is a new player to the game. I would suspect it would still do the job given what I've seen so far.

The R7 is the best windshield mount out there and better than many of the installed units costing several times more. Unfortunately, it can't hide from radar detector detectors, like the Spectre. If I were only driving a car, I would get this device, but we are talking about MC's here. The R7 isn't weatherproof, though we all know how to work around that. I feel it would be very difficult to operate with gloves on and maybe the display would get washed-out in the bright sunlight. To hear audio, you would have to run an AUX audio cable from it to your headset or use that Sena device that connects multiple devices to one unit. There isn't any other visual alert system as found with the V1 and Adaptiv systems, nor is there any way to control it with an external device (like a phone). Finally, it's bad enough it can't hide from the Spectre, but it also can't hide visually from a cop riding by. So riding with this thing on in certain areas would get you pulled over and possibly fined. Can't have that, can we? For costs, I would need a mount (about $100 for everything), that Sena (about $150), and the R7 ($600), for an estimated total of $850, not including any wiring harness needed. So not bad, but also not too acceptable given the disadvantages listed above.

The NetRadar DSP matches the range and features of the R7, but costs way more...about $1,600. For that, you get two DSP heads that detect everything, have excellent BSM filtering, are totally weatherproof (these are designed to be externally mounted), have no attention-seeking lights, and is totally immune from Spectre detection. The icing on the cake is that both the ALP laser system and the NetRadar DSP are completely controlled through your Android phone or iPhone.

Now when getting a full ALP/NetRadar DSP system, the price isn't $3,200 but a-still-jaw-dropping $2,740, but for that, you are getting a system that is constantly being updated and is, without question, the best out there. The radar detector has very long range and the laser jammer kills to gun almost every single time. The radar is, again, invisible to Spectre and other guns like it.

So, let's say you want an R7 and the shell out $1,950 for a system that has many compromises and limitations...and don't forget- you'll be shutting down your R7 in VA and other locations.

Trying the TPX and NetRadar DSP? Well now you're at $2,700. We know how good the NetRadar DSP is and I would be confident with the TPX, but you're now at the cost of the full-blown ALP/NetRader DSP package and you'll have a lot more work installing it.

So, for the cost of entering the IBR, you can get the ALP/NetRadar DSP system and would have front and rear coverage for radar and laser detection, and front and rear laser jamming capabilities.

I don't even ride that fast...about 85 MPH...but I would love to know when I'm being tagged by radar and to be protected against laser. And If I am going to engage in electronic warfare, I would want the best.

Now to sell some of the old lady's jewelry and my recumbent bike... :)
Hey wait a minute! Is that directed to me for riding the IBR on my Sportster??? :)

Seriously, thanks for the summary. I don't run a radar detector but have been considering it.
No of course I wouldn't joke about HD's... ;) :)

Thanks for the kind words...Below, I've listed several links to the actual testing done for both radar and laser systems so that everyone can see what I saw. The Vortex channel on youboob is pretty informative on counter-measures and various dashcams, and I've found the RD Forums to be immensely valuable.

Laser Jammer Testing

Installed Radar Detector Testing

Uniden R7 vs The World

NetRadar DSP vs. Spectre Elite

V1 vs Spectre Elite

Uniden R7 vs Spectre III and Spectre Elite

ALPconnect Radar & Laser Alert Demo (Android)

More Uniden R7 vs Various Speed Detection Devices Testing

Motorcycle-specific Countermeasures Forum thread on RD Forums (Here's where you'll find many videos of the Adaptiv TPX system in action)


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Interesting analysis...nicely done. A single comment, however:

<...>So, let's say you want an R7 and the shell out $1,950 for a system that has many compromises and limitations...and don't forget- you'll be shutting down your R7 in VA and other locations.
....or not. It's $350-$700 (upper-end windshield mount detector) for a ~90% solution or up to $3000 for a >95% solution.

I want to think that a reasonably percentage of the readers of this forum, doing the riding that we do *for fun*, have been able to utilize 90% solutions. Even with the proliferation of non-radar speed detection apparatus by LEO's over the last decade, the 'pay to play' equation is out there.

Having said that, using an R1 in the Commonwealth in a stealth installation was of no concern. So was keeping the velocity within +5, since 80MPH+ -or- 20 over the black-and-white sign numbers is reckless driving. Nope...don't need that.

Unfortunately, over the last 48 hours, there's been a bit of drama over there on that forum unfolding that many users may not be aware of. So, while you're perusing that forum, be cognizant of that situation there.
Interesting analysis...nicely done. A single comment, however:
Yeah, it seems like I signed-up for the forums just as shit started getting real, sort of like Leo winning that ticket for the Titanic, LOL.

I think my figure of the R7/TPX came from a DUAL TPX system (two complete units so that you could run two heads front and rear).

For me, if I am going to run something, it better work all of the time though I totally agree that the price is still way too high.
Aww I'm on that forum some, and I'm completely missing the drama! What thread is it?
Something to do with stolen money/goods paid for but not received apparently. My first day of exploring the forums and I was at the bottom of a page and I saw several of the high-level mods/admins resigning without any real reason. I am still not 100% sure on what else is going on, though.

Link to the various threads on the topic:


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I have run a Adaptive TPX for 6 years now , and it works . False readings happen within 12 to 15 feet of cars with radar sensors , and they kick 1 or 2 bars only . Real radar from patrol cars read steady , and increase in bars as distance is reduced . I wore out my housing from years of removal off its base to prevent theft . Adaptive took it back , and installed a new lower for me for free . .
Yes there are other units that are better , but not better for a bike .


Most people always rave about the Escort, Cobra, Whistler, Beltronics, and Uniden brands and their best motorcycle radar detector. Adaptiv Technologies TPX 2.0 Radar/Laser Detector is also a decent radar detector that features increased detection sensitivity and 3 additional user modes. Specifically designed for motorcycle use, water, shock, and vibration resistant


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Just an observation and no real input to the topic, but at some point it becomes visually apparent that you're excessively speeding. And LIDAR is widely used. In terms of the IBR, speed is now monitored and excessive speeding is not tolerated to the degree it used to be ignored. Way back in '13 riders were busted for trying to speed in between Spot pings. The staff can add. :eek:

So consider what your goal is. To know when to slow down? Or attempting to go as fast as possible as long as possible between alerts? Or somewhere in the middle? My experience in MS and TN has been that there is a lot of high speed traffic on the interstates and it's pretty easy to pick out a rabbit if that's what you want to do.

If you're aiming at the '21 IBR and seriously considering spending $3k on this stuff, you may want to re-examine your priorities.


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Just an observation and no real input to the topic, but at some point it becomes visually apparent that you're excessively speeding. And LIDAR is widely used. <...>
Your opening sentence is 100% spot-on.

LIDAR has limitations - the biggest one is, the LEO must be stationary. RADAR does not have that limitation. You'll find LIDAR is more prevalent in urban areas, RADAR is ubiquitous.

If you're aiming at the '21 IBR and seriously considering spending $3k on this stuff, you may want to re-examine your priorities.
Yep.. After all, that $3k can be better spent on aux fuel or aux lighting... :D