Alpenbutt Rally 2017

Discussion in 'Alpenbutt Rally 2017' started by Robert, Feb 25, 2016.

  1. Robert

    Robert Alpenbutt Rallymaster Premier Member

  2. tabledrain

    tabledrain IBR Finisher

    bloody hell mate. you can measure the straight roads on a school ruler..
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  3. Robert

    Robert Alpenbutt Rallymaster Premier Member

    The third newsletter was sent to all registered participants. Should you not have received it, please contact the rally master.
  4. AyrtonO

    AyrtonO Well-Known Member

    2nd leg book only at tuesday morning? B..tard rallymaster :p


    Btw, there's mention of valid proof of insurance - could you be bit more exact, what kind of insurance ( driver, bike, both? covering normal driving or something else as well ? ) and what will be "valid proof" ?

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  5. Hampe

    Hampe Not Right Rider Staff Member Premier Member IBA Member

    Have read it, aaaand...

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  6. Robert

    Robert Alpenbutt Rallymaster Premier Member

    Don't the Iron Butt Rally, rally books are handed out at 4:30 a.m......:D

    This means that you should have evidence that your bike is insured. Shouldn't be a problem....:cool:
  7. AyrtonO

    AyrtonO Well-Known Member

    Complaining is traditional finnish way telling we like it :rolleyes: Seems this time carrying sleeping bag and tent won't be bad idea.

    Insurance...ok. I thought no one could even ride a bike in EU without such insurance...najaa:confused:
  8. Robert

    Robert Alpenbutt Rallymaster Premier Member

    The clock is ticking! There are some places left!

    The registration stops on May 14th!
  9. AyrtonO

    AyrtonO Well-Known Member

    Robert, did you try to send us new newsletter? Received test bonus locations files plus 10 MB pretty weird stuff....

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