Alternative rides

Given the situation we have to deal with now for an RTE all sit down for lunch at midday on the chosen day in the comfort of your own home.
no fuel or hotel bills wear & tear on the bike drink all the alcohol you want what's not to like:D
Instead of a saddle sore walk up and down the stairs for a couple of hours ( it wouldn't do a few of the more generously proportioned members on here any harm) tidy up the front and back gardens, clean the windows, get the kids to tidy their rooms, teach them how to wash and iron their own clothes, if your partner is willing you could try working through a couple of pages of the Karma Sutra if your partner has a headache make he/she a paracetamol sandwich if that doesn't work there's always the porn channels;) remember clean up when you've finished.
All this to be achieved in 24 hours photographic evidence to Martin be warned the Karma Sutra films might end up on you-tubeo_O
P.S Not sure what to do about Four corners and other insane rides.


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I don't get paid enough for this shit. Not to mention that none of you have mentioned the one obvious certificate in the circumstances: the Full Monty...