Am I ready? Are you ready?

Grey Gentry

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I am not. I am not currently right (in the head), or ready (physically). Thanks to the few that volunteered for the start and finish dockets, and those in WA at the turn around.
Some of you would know that a couple of us were planning a 100CCC. Plans were in place for a start 2am Monday morning next week, with a finish before Friday 6am. Fuel stops, rest stops, spreadsheets all done.
But things that happen add up.
An emu strike late August (lobethal FarRide)
A near miss on the way home from the Border Run.
And a 'roo strike on the Memorial Ride Friday.
The first two, didn't faze me, but the last has dropped the confidence.
Although I have the ZRX (it's for sale) I didn't ride it very much, as I don't want to chip it's new paint.
Marls telling friends "I didn't hurt myself enough" puts some doubt there too. Quite frankly, she did not want me to attempt the double crossing either.
The current situation with the 'roos out here is not good either. Having Winter and Spring rain gets them off the roadside. But there was none this year.
And I have not got the bike back.
It all adds up.
Things I need to do. Get physically fit. Get some ride time in. An SS1600 or two, maybe some touring? All to build the confidence back up.
I can remember saying to Peter (Knave) at Meriden on our 50CC, "You don't want to turn around and go back?" I was feeling so comfortable, 300 km to go, with 6 hours up our sleeves. Maybe I missed an opportunity then?
The plan is there, it can be done. The ride will be attempted in the future, when I am ready.

Martin Little

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Steady as you go Ron. Our first task as a LD Rider is to monitor & manage ourselves. Clearly you are well onto it - Keep planning & preparing, and the day will come


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Thanks for sharing your thoughts Ron.
Following our chat down here in Geelong a couple of weeks back, I had a feeling it may fall this way.
Wise thoughts and a good process to go through.
The road will always be there. You'll know when you're ready.

Grey Gentry

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Thanks all, for the support I have always said I'll reconsider my riding when I turn 70. Well that's next year, so maybe it's come a little earlier than I anticipated?
Picked up the VFR on Friday arvo, and had a short ride. Enjoyed that, but just need to have a decent run now, just because I need it.


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Best wishes for your future riding efforts Ron. A tough call, but then again the 100CCC is a very tough ride and the ducks do have to be all lined up before you take the chance. A wise move from an experienced LD rider.

last week I did a social ride with an old mate (Don). he has recently 'downsized' from an FJR to a 600cc Ninja. When I innocently asked him how much longer he thought he might be riding for, he looked back at me as if I had insulted him. His reply was "For goodness sake, I'm only 77. I've got heaps of years riding in me yet". He is no LD rider, but I love his attitude :):)

Grey Gentry

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Just an update on this thread. Took a run down to Ballarat a couple of weeks back, came home via the Grampians the following day. Pulled up ok, without any aches and pains.

Had an opportunity to see Caleb (grandson) play ice hockey for the Brisbane Blitz at Penrith last weekend. Ed hosted me once again for a couple of night, as the rink is 10 minutes away. As I has a dental appointment at 11am Friday, (due to having 16 teeth pulled Wednesday) I didn't get to leave until after noon. But made it to Yass around 9pm and stayed there overnight. With an early start, I was in Penrith by 10.30am. Felt happy with the distance Friday arvo and the run in to the city in the morning.
Left around 4.30am Monday, arrived home at 15.40. A good solid run with a few of breaks. I feel a little better, on the bike, and with the bike too. The MCC cruise got a good workout, making the tarmac roll effortlessly under the wheels.
Panadol and Ibuprofen a good for the upper jaw wounds. ;) Normally I don't use and pain killers on a ride.
Getting there.