Announcing the 2021 Minnesota 1,000

Let’s give this another shot… The Minnesota 1,000 will be a 24 hour scavenger hunt style rally held June 11th thru the 13th 2021, we hope. As I type this the very first COVID-19 vaccines are just now being administered. So we’ll have to see exactly where we stand as far as the pandemic sometime in May. I’m fairly confident that there will be a MN1000 in 2021 if not in June sometime later in the year. But I’m kind of an optimist.

Find all the details here.

If you don’t need any convincing sign up at Ride Master starting 1/1/2021
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I always like to give MN1K riders a heads up on some terminology they may not be familiar with;

Things to Know...

What a xylophone looks like

Mold-o-rama, need I say more

Delta as it pertains to a roadway intersection

The planets of the solar system plus Pluto

What is a bollard

What Prince looks like

What is a treble clef

Register here.