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Chris Wiltshire

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Hi Ira,

in NZ we have a rider who's just completed the first of his Equinox rides, and he's managed to make things potentially difficult for himself as he opted to do a SS2000K ride and a BB2500K, both nested within a Ride Around the Bottom Paddock ride (SS3000K equiv). - He's sought verification for the BB2500K as his Four Seasons' ride, our Autumnal Equinox which has been approved. The SS2000K ride currently was just a plain SS2000K certificate, no special Four Seasons' design for that one.

He got to thinking about the impact on his other Equinox and Solstice rides, required to make up the count of four...

There are two questions being posed:
1) Is there a SS2000K Fall Equinox Ride? - There does appear to be a precedent here with Summer Solstice SS2000K ride.
2) If, when it comes to it, the rider performs 3 other SS1600K rides, can the one which he just completed on the 20th March, 2021 (SS2000K) be combined with 3 SS1600K rides for a SS1600K overall Four Seasons' Award ?? - Essentially getting the consideration of one of his more extreme rides downgraded to a lower, common level, for the purposes of that award?

Failing (2-above), he's now facing the prospect of either:
1) Downgrading his SS2000K certificate to a SS1600K certificate and listing his 2,008km distance on his SS1600K Fall Equinox certificate, or
2) Pushing HARD to get each of this other 3 rides done at BB2500K level...

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The 4 Seasons rules page is at

1. The rules state "You may ride any certifiable ride." So yes, one could do a SS2000K.

2. The rules go on to state "You must earn the same type of certified ride for each of the four astronomical events." So it doesn't sound like he could "downgrade" the ride if he has already submitted it. If it is not yet submitted he could just request a SS1600K certification instead.

Note the rules go on to say "The four rides need not occur on consecutive astronomical events, and your qualifying rides may span more than one year." So he could just take the SS2000K as a single Equinox ride and start the 4 Season rides at the next astronomical event.

Ira Agins
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