Another Hell to Heaven two up completed by .......

I was asked to put a few pictures up of a recent ride for Jeff the Chef & Henk.

On Tuesday 26th November Jeff the Chef took Henk for a ride and they successfully completed Hell To Heaven, but it gets better, as if that's not a hard enough ride they then continued on to successfully complete a BB2500/36HRS! :eek:

A HUGE congratulations to them both, on their accomplishment! Can't wait for this report to be posted






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What's the saying about quitting, but not quitting. So Henk gave up riding to become our oldest long distant pillion. Fantastic news. To do the Hell to Heaven is a feat by itself, to carry a pillion ups the effort to a new level. To Jeff for piloting his Super Tenere and to Henk for sitting behind him, my lid is definitely doffed. All cheers to you both. Then you up the effort again. Well I suppose you had to get back to work didn't you Jeff.


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An awesome ride indeed! Well done Jeffery and Henk!
It's a shame Jeffery's Spot wasn't working as I was looking forward to watching the whole thing.
I did get a couple of texts from Jeff though (yes he even had time for that...), and apparently the dirt section was quite difficult due to strong winds all the way.
And bloody hell, ummmm I mean bloody heaven... snow up top! In November!
They were probably good to do it in daylight, as the overnight temp was forecast to be down to -4.
Well done Ed & Russ for assisting.

A great job all round!

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I had a couple of good days on the road with Henk. It certainly was a ride of extremes with temperatures in the high 30's when we arrived , to dust storms on the Oodnadatta track to snow and temperatures hovering around zero.
The ride to and from the start point is something that I do not want to repeat again too soon with so much dust at times the lines in the track were not visible.
It was great to see some familiar faces at the end with Russel and Ed braving the cold and giving us a 160 km plus escort to the top.
And a big thanks to LTP for all her help and messages before, during and after the ride.
Hopefully I will get around to a report early next week.
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Fantastic to be a small part of your great ride. Age has not wearied Henk and big kudos to Jeff, not an easy ride to manage two up.

Ed's right we had a great day out, everything from a spirited run up the Kiandra road to some gentle FAABing down long plain and the Brindabellas. Brilliant
So proud of my beautiful husband. What an awesome ride. Sure Henks head will be in the clouds for days to come. Unlike everyone else I have backup SPOT. The bank account for petrol stops and motels at least lets you know they are still on the move. And as always thanks to my awesome friend Lynne. We had a lot of fun ‘hanging out’ on Messenger. And big thanks to Russell and Ed. You gave them a big warm hug supporting for a while & I feel really happy and grateful for your care. Bring on the report.
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