Another Noob joining

Hi all.
the title says it all, about 3 weeks ago I heard about the IBA so took a look at the website as it intrigued me. I only got my licence 6 years ago when i first got a scooter to enable me to get work. although biking never interested me I was hooked on 2 wheels about a week later. I done my test for the full licence and purchased a 650 V Strom, I joined the UK forum and met some great people and started riding out to Yorkshire from London as I know it well from being based there whilst in the Army. my normal ride out days there consist of 18 hours and 600 miles so when I heard about the RBLR 2018 i was desperate to do it just to challenge myself, I convinced a friend on the forum to join me and we had a wonderful time ... we were knackered but completed it and have now gained membership to this exclusive club. we learnt a lot from it and intend to complete all the UK challenges before moving onwards.


RBLR 1000
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Welcome to the IBA and hope to see you on a Ride to eat at some point every month in the Uk apart from Dec when we meet in Calais
The every other month we have a European Ride to Eat