Anyone install a HaloCam M1 to a LC RT?

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Finishing my 12K service and adding the HaloCam M1 to the bike. The M1 allows the use of an external battery (like you'd charge your phone with), and I used one numerous times while I was aiming the cameras and such.

Now that it's time to hardwire the sucker to the bike, it won't stay on. It goes through the opening screen then shuts down.

The device is connected to my Neutrino Element on an open circuit, set to switch. After numerous failed attempts to keep it running, I tapped the red power lead directly into a yellow switch line I am using for some other items. Still nothing.

What's puzzling me is that the device powers-on when holding down the switch but then shuts down. It also isn't coming on as the power to the bike is turned on.

My bike is a '16 LC RT.

UPDATE: I believe that the issue has to be in the 12V power cable itself. On one end, there are two thin wires (red and black...and I mean thin, like 22AWG), that will connect to a switched source of power on the bike, then a small block that transforms the 12V DC current to 5V, then at the other end, the cable terminates with some kind of proprietary plug that connects into the DVR. Now the plug that comes off of the DVR can also plug into a short cable which has a USB type A connection which allows it to plug into a battery. With that setup, the system works without issue.

I believed that the system was initially receiving power from the bike, but further research has shown that there is a watch battery in the DVR itself, the purpose of which is to let the DVR finish writing data to the SD card when the power shuts-off so that there isn't any data corruption. I was able to replicate the issue I am having by disconnecting all power leads from the DVR and manually turning the system on only to see it shut off immediately.

Since I have already tried to power this sucker from the bike through a few methods and since the Element is reporting a power draw at the connection from between .05A to .1A, I am left to believe that the 12V line itself is defective.

Also, many reports on the web talk about how great the customer service is. I call bullshit on that. I have sent three emails (sent days earlier asking about something else entirely), and a few messages through fb, and have yet to receive a single response.
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