App Beta Testers Wanted

Hi folks,

I'm wonder if you'd be willing to act as a 'beta tester' for a very simple app that I've been working on. It's nothing elaborate or complex, just a simple safety-focused ‘micro service’. In a nutshell, it allows users to enter simple activity plans that are activated when starting out on the activity and closed when completed. If an activity plan is NOT closed, then 'alerts' are sent to designated contacts. It's going to be of primary use to individuals that engage in pastimes that are potentially hazardous (mountaineering, caving, surfing or long-distance motorcycle riding), but really it could be used by anyone.

If you do have the time to help me, I’d be very grateful. Here are the details:

You can download the Android version here:

The iOS version (iPhone and iPad) is available from here:

Both of those links should work when 'clicked' on your phone and will be available for 90 days. If a link doesn’t work for you, cut 'n' paste into a browser (on your phone) and it should download fine.

Note: FOR THE ANDROID VERSION, you may have to adjust your settings to allow your phone to accept "unknown apps." FOR THE iOS VERSION, you will definitely have to download a supporting (Apple) app called TestFlight which is specifically for apple app beta-testers.

If you do download and play with it (or even better actually use it on your next ride), I'd be very interested in your feedback.

Roger (SS1K and BB1.5K)
Well, the objective isn't necessarily to 'break it' per se. But, it's good to find (and therefore eliminate) bugs.
I'm also looking for comments and suggestions. The initial objective was a simple, lightweight app, which is why it doesn't include (for example) geo-location and accelerometer aspects (such as auto-distance measuring). That kind of additional functionality adds weight to the app and also sucks power from the battery. But ... having said that ... ideas for improvements and enhancements are always welcome.
I'm genuinely hopeful that this app could actually save somebody's life!


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Got an "Oops.. Something went wrong" BSOD from what was likely a very specific sequence of events. I vewed the error log but not being an Android developer (programmer?) it made little sense to me beyond the "Fatal Errors".

Do you want the error log?

Where do I find the error log once I close it (beyond forcing another error)?
PM sent

and as an aside ... it's a pain-in-the-ass to get error logs in android. You need to download specialist apps that can extract and store them. It's a major failing of the OS. But, it's pretty hard to create errors of that magnitude so ... I guess ... congratulations.