Application certification Time.


Hi Dave,
There appears to be an issue with USPS delivery as a result of COVID-19.
I had a small package of t-shirts posted back in March this year and they arrived last week.
see what we can do

jeffrey gebler

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I am still waiting 11 months for one and 9 months for two others.
Howard said they were sent but never received them.
I will be submitting a few more and having them all sent to family in the states and have them forward it onto me.


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Howard mentioned that there were container full of mail sitting waiting to be sent from U.S. to Aust. He confirmed by email that a ride I submitted back in March (?) had been approved (less than 12 hours turn around on that approval! How impressive is that! )and that they had been having some mail delivery issues out of anyone's control (on this side of mail delivery at least). I reckon we all just need to be patient until things clear there throat properly, which could still be months away.
Under the current circumstances Howard and the IBA are doing a fantastic job and have been very quick to answer any queries I've had.


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the rides were submitted 22/7/2019, 6months before the covid shutdown, they have been resent at Howards request and then the information resent again. so i am at 19months now since they were originally sent. even in the good times i have waited 12months. the whole IBA time frame has been farcical since i can remember and now they have an excuse to hide behind?
I emailed mike to see how i get the $240.00 back, quite a simple process. but annoyingly he can see any outstanding ride for me, maybe they have been processed, but one would think that after resubmitting the details numerous times in response to a personal request from Howard I would get an email along the lines of "All done the certs are on the way".
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I also am waiting on a certificate to arrive. My concern is that it has been added to the "big list" of IBA rides with the start as Swan Reach [yes I did live there once] instead of Trafalgar [current town I live in and start of this ride]. What also was perplexing was that it has it listed as Swan Reach US. with the kilometre distance having US behind it. Can't wait to see what the certificate looks like if/and when it arrives. Or is it trying to land at an address in Swan Reach, USA.


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My 2c.
Not being one of the Big Dogs and without besmirching Howard, as of 2019 I've put a self embargo on submitting any IBA ride via sending/emailing "over there" for verification. I'll wait until the IBA Australia Admin Team can officially do this for us Aussies and if that never happens, well the paperwork will just sit in the drawer.


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I'm pleased to say my Leap Day certificate came in the timeframe caused by the COVID mail slowdown. As per my RR, yesterday I got the certificate from my 13 November SS1600, after a few "chase-up" emails. In the same package I got my Spring Equinox certificate which again, only took a month from the time it was posted in Lisle, IL. That makes me a winner in the certificate stakes. I hope others soon get a break-through. Mike has been a champion for me. Howard isn't so keen on me after I challenged the quality of the ride assessors if they misspell the destination town name after they had pored over it on a map while verifying my ride at US$40 per audit.


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Maybe you need to read the topic title again and those posts from guys with the few long teeth around this place to get this into perspective.
I'm sure you will see just how "lucky" you have been Tele over your past decade.


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Bizarrely, today I received from NZ duplicate copies of my last two certificates. They were enclosed in a cardboard folder from Enigma Publishing Ltd. Maybe it's a catch-up with the service as it operated a few years ago when IBA USA sent two copies of the certificates.