Ride certification in a timely manner.


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Hi all, i was wondering if there is a secret process to be followed in order to get ride applications processed?
i sent four applications in on 22nd july 2019 well before covid so cant see that holding them up?
I have resent them at IBA request on the 4th of March 2020
I have contacted the IBA again on the 22nd june 2020 but nothing since.
This seems to be a common occurrence in Australia. Is it happening else were in the world or Are we doing things wrong Down Under?

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Did you mail them via Australian post or do electronic submission?

If electronic, via ride application process or just emailing scanned documents in?

If by post, did you require signature or some other special, or just mail it off? Requiring a signature or notification is usually not recommended because it goes to a post office box, not somewhere it can be signed for. That would just slow down the process.

Typically on a mailed in certification request, my first clue that it has been approved is when the check is cashed. It may take months from when I mailed it in to get that, depending on the backlog of the verification teams. The more complex the cert is, the longer it will take and it may go to a special verification team that has an unusually large backlog.

I have had some certs come quite quickly and others take a few months, but I agree your time period seems excessively long. US mail has been having problems this year. I have had several small packages lost for weeks before suddenly showing up. No explanation of why.

@Ira may have more wisdom on this matter.


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the applications were sent electronically on both occasions and i got the automated reply from Mike. the same process for the fifty or so applications before.