Arboreal Systems Dispatch 1 - Smart Power Distro Block


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Here’s a sweet Arboreal Systems Dispatch 1 power distribution system. I bought it a couple years ago from another inmate, but it basically sat in the box it was shipped to me in. I just don’t have enough stuff to really take advantage of this, so it’s up for sale!

If you’re not familiar with this system, it’s the “original” version of the neutrino system that exists now. It will let you connect all of your farkles and control them right from your handlebar – to the tune of up to 60 amps! It has 4 heating (adjustable like a heatroller) circuits, two switched circuits, three USB (1.5amps each I believe) and one RJ11 power port. Everything can be controlled right from the handlebar.

It's a super smart controller - showing you outside temp, battery voltage and what each circuit is doing. If you trip a fuse, it will let you know! This isn't your average power distribution block...

It has 4 plugs that come with it, with 3 of the 4 being bare wire. The 4th has a SAE plug. I tested the plugs and they all work, but I don't have an RJ11 plug to test (but I know it was sold as 100% when I bought it). It comes with some extra fuses already inside the box too.

WebBikeWorld did a three part write up on it, so I won’t rehash everything they said:
Link 1

Link 2
Link 3

$150 shipped CONUS (or best offer)