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The weather gods (BBC news channel) are saying tomorrow (Monday 5th November) is looking good 13-15 c small chance of rain so at the crack of sparrows and give it a go, carpe diem.
Well it was my idea
CLICK CLICK CLICK that sound when the battery doesn't have enough to engage the starter with all the faffing about getting the pic of the receipt and the rider panel for the mileage so the ignition has to be on i forgot to turn it off whilst putting the camera away and getting the gloves on, oh effing great not even started .
With a receipt time at 0341 i am wondering what to do when a recovery van came in for fuel he got me going and saved the day gave him a fiver towards his breakfast, i got to the Dartford tunnel to find all traffic at a standstill both tunnels closed sitting there with the engine running as i knew it wound not start again the minutes are passing by and the temperature gauge is climbing after 15 minutes i am close to the point where i am going have to switch off then it all got moving again chuffed to feck!
Emerged from the tunnel to find the M25 North was closed J 30-29 AAAARRGGGG by this time i am close to having a sense of humour failure by means of some judicious navigating i got back to the M25 at J29 overall i lost an hour which is less time for a break/sorting problems in so up to the second stop Lowestoft quick receipt for a sandwich oh shit will it start? spun over and fired instantly PHEW! my fault for not keeping it on charge in the previous week.
On to Ferrybridge services via the A47/A17/A1 that A47 is hard work had i not had the delay at the start i would have missed the bulk of the rush hour with few overtaking opportunity's at one point i am following a 30 tonne tipper truck i have no idea what he had been driving through but most of it end up on the front of the bike me and the visor so at Newark on the A1 a quick clean up and fuel then on to ferrybridge services to get a receipt.
For once the Manchester motorway system was behaving as it should so a good ride to Bangor got there at 1440 fuel, tea, and sandwich then the interesting bit to Haverford west, the sat nav said three and a bit hours down various A and B roads down the west coast stunning scenery and some lovely little villages got there at 1907 just a shame i had to do half of it in the dark.
On the way to Exeter the brake failure warning light came on the rear brake pedal had no resistance but the front was working normally on inspection no fluid leaks as i still had full operation on the front brakes i decided to continue with caution, Exeter 2220 fuel snack and a hot chocolate.
From Exeter to Brighton i was plagued with patchy fog or fatchy pog for any one inclined to a spoonerism or two might say which slowed me down, at brighton i had to have ten minute rest as a result i had 1 hour 20 minutes to get to dartford just for a change the M23/M25 at stupid o'clock was empty made it in good time last receipt timed at 0321.
The best part about the start/finish it's ten minutes ride from home so by 0430 i am in bed.
I spoke to the font of all things BMW in south east London area Mark Holden he said the rear master cylinder has shat it's self so a new one ordered from Ocean BMW 'that will be £132.00 sir':eek:
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There was i thinking that was the last of it and the battery died yesterday new Odyssey box of volts ordered will fit it next week.
Feckin bike.


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Armistice Tee Shirts will be at John's RTE Tomorrow.
Providing I can get them on the bike I will be bringing the Armistice Tee Shirts along to Johns RTE this Saturday.
Due to the size of the load it will only be the tee shirts. Any other parts of your order will be posted on later.
Anyone not there will receive theirs in the post .
Cheers John