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Discussion in 'Honda Gold Wing GL1800' started by Michael Moore, Apr 12, 2016.

  1. Michael Moore

    Michael Moore Premier Member

    Just bought some Aux lights and a controller module. Any tips or gotchas from people who have done this before on how to install these on a 2013 Goldwing? I have never installed these on a Goldwing. Lots of YouTube videos on cowling lights, but aux lights, Nooo!!! Lol.

    Here are the types of lights and control module.


    Control module IQ-275
  2. Paul Tong

    Paul Tong Verified NIITWIt Premier Member IBR Finisher

    For me, the best bet is to get brackets that go under the mirrors. You can find some here:

    I also think Mike Langford has a template to make the old PIAA style, which I prefer, because they drop down a bit further. This enables me to put two lights on each side.

    I also use the LEDRider lights and they are, in my opinion, the best bang for the buck. If you need any other help while wiring them up, holler at me at

    -Paul T.
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  3. Patrick Ford

    Patrick Ford Premier Member IBR Finisher

    I too have LEDRider lights on my Wing. I have the Cyclops extreme spots and they throw light way down the road. They replaced my PIAA 510s which were pretty good lights themselves. I decided to use the 510s too. The brackets in the pics look like the ones I used and a small gusset made them stable with both lights hanging out there. With 1300 watts to play with I don't notice the volt meter moving when I turn everything on.
    I really like the LEDRider lights. JMHO.
  4. kwthom

    kwthom IBA Member about a few good photos of some of these installations?

    Here's my dilemma - the GL1800 lights are good...but do you really need 10000 lumens of lighting? If you have it and don't need it, it's one thing, I get it.

    (the question above is only partially rhetorical...)

    I 'd like to have a decent setup and not break the bank. Options welcomed.
  5. Hoosier Daddy

    Hoosier Daddy Premier Member

    Michael, I have the exact same setup-same LX5 lights and same contoler just have not got around to installing yet. Also have the same Firecreek brakets. Any updates? How did it go?

  6. Michael Moore

    Michael Moore Premier Member

    It went pretty smooth over all. I did put a switch in the little plastic piece right below the ignition key where the Goldwing logo is to set it higher when I want 20% driving lights, but I have found 10% is fine.

    Really love the lights and the price point will nto break the bank. I was able to use these during the Butt Lite VIII rally many nights and it certainly help ID potential threats leaping on to the road.

    I am kinda new to adding stuff to bikes and I was able to install it fine. I ran the controller in the area under the left hand pocket. I had some line noise on low beams to the audio. I added some ferrite cores to the wiring and moved stuff around. High beams had no whine. (shrug)
  7. kwthom

    kwthom IBA Member

    I've been in contact with Justin; his recommendation is echoed in this very thread...LX5's and the control module. Nearly ready to pull the trigger!

    Did any of you guys tap into the high beam switch to activate the 100% mode on the lights? Seems to be a little slicker that way; been looking at the service manual to figure out where to pick off the signal in the event that is the way to go; looks like adjacent to the air filter is the wiring block that heads toward the switch. Wondering if it'd be better to pick it off there at the wire going to the switch.

    If one was to consider having a separate switch, it'd be great to have something like this on the Wing - just haven't figured out a slick spot to mount it yet:
  8. Brian O'Connor

    Brian O'Connor Premier Member

    I tapped my Clearwater lights into my high beam switch as well as my horn; I find the horn very useful except it flashes the person in front of me when I'm warning a car that that is moving into the lane from the right during HOV/Express-lane cross-over issues... regardless, it is a very nice feature - one less thing to think about, hit one button and everything but my airbag goes off.
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  9. rneal55555

    rneal55555 Active Member

    I always worry that a light flash could be misinterpreted as go ahead or it's safe to proceed. Truck Drivers especially use a light flash to signal a passing truck its safe to comeback into the lane. Coupled with horn blast certainly makes a difference but would still make me nervous.
  10. kwthom

    kwthom IBA Member

    After consulting a few others that are using the LX-5's, the control module on my setup is wired to a relay and a switch. The switch is on the outside of the CB control pod, so easy to get to.

    The switch turns on the aux lights at 10%, when the high beams are on, then I get 100% aux light. This setup worked very well on my trip back in October; no lighting issues.
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