Aux lighting on a shoestring budget

Morning all, new member here. My name is Tom and I’m based in perth, WA. I have a question which needs some unpacking amongst experienced LD riders. Most people you ask about this stuff just look at you funny ❄️⚰️

Short and sweet:
-I’m wanting to attempt Sydney -> perth 50cc run on a Suzuki gs500
-This ride will happen in the next couple of days (currently in Canberra)
-Only 10 hours of daylight during winter.
-Stock headlight only gives 70km/h safe vision.
-Comically small budget to do this trip

So, how to overcome this? I’m not the first winter ironbutt rider, nor the first to do it on a crap bike. Obviously a nice set of clearwaters would sort the problem, but that’s too much $$$. I may be able to ‘draft’ trucks but that’s a pretty unreliable pace at best. So... I throw the floor over to the community. I’m interested to hear your night riding solutions.

Also, if anyone between Canberra, Wollongong, and Sydney wants to meet+greet in the next few days, get in touch! It’s pretty rare to see other bikers out at this time of year ❄️


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"Next couple of days'? Exactly where and when? Post that in here and we may be able to cobble up a farewell committee at the beach and an escort down the Hume.

Brookester's advice on the Jaycar 3486 lumen lights is great. They will be about $99 each if you buy two - I'd suggest 2x spots. You could fit 1 spot and one flood to cover the verge, but there is a enough spread from the spots. Each 35W light has 7 little LEDS.

An alternative is the smaller (though still chunky) 25watt single LEDs for $69 each. The online catalogue is only showing floods, but there are spots as well.

If yours is the GS and not GSF, the headlight brackets will be sufficient. There are 3 bolts each side to access. The upper one on the fork and the froward one on the headlight can take a strip of alloy angle rigid enough to mount the lights.

A full light harness is available for $23

Otherwise look for the yellow wired connectors for about $5 and matching relay for about $8:

There are a couple of waterproof switches available in Jaycar : toggle, rocker or little push on/push off.

If you have time you should tap into the high beam wire as the trigger and run a separate switch. That is the best option because crossing the Nullarbor on full lights the trucks will flash you from 10km away. You can ignore them for a while, then they will flash you again, so you can switch off the spots but stay on 'roo mode with your feeble high beam before finally dipping down to low beam.

You can still opt to ignore the bike's high beam wire and just wire the switch, though that is not strictly legal. It does give you the freedom to have the spots on either high or low beam (or with the key off, with great care).

Happy splicing.

Martin Little

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Hi Tom,

If you are still in Canberra I can "lend: you a pair of Jaycar SL-3930 LED 25W Lights.(Theyre still in the box waiting to be fitted to a project bike)

You can use them for your 50CC and next time I'm in Perth on a CCC or similar you can meet me and return them. if that suits you PM me.

Also as Ox says let us know your date of departure....I work just up the road and am more than happy to come down to sign your witness forms & wave you off.



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Good advice there Tom.
Dont hook on the back of a semi. His lights wont help you.His bulk will only block yout view and his bull bar will post a roo direct to you.
Good trip friend
Hey guys. Apologies for my absence here, it’s been a little busy on the road and squeezing in a quick valve check before heading west. Sometimes the simplest things take forever when you’re on the side of the road.

Thanks for the kind offer to “””lend””” some lights Martin. Unfortunately I’ve already left Canberra so I’ll have to take a rain check on the lights.

So, given the situation, I don’t think it’s a good idea to run the 50cc this time. Instead, I will use this as a practice run and make the best time possible. But 10 hours of daylight plus my current setup is not feasible.

By the way, I’m already on the road. But if you guys need anything when you’re in the West, drop me a line I’d be glad to help


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Some of the car accessory places might have the cheap Chinee HIDs available over the counter which give a lot of bang for buck as well.