Barnard Castle anniversary 2021-04-10/11


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To mark the anniversary of Dominic Cummings' original visit and to allow those who had a variety of lame excuses for failure to attend in September, we're pleased to announce that the bonus location will open again between 00:01 Saturday 10th April 2021 and 23:59 Sunday 11th April 2021. The rules are:-

1. You must be on the list, even crossed out counts.
2. You must get a selfie including the Barnard Castle Town Sign at N54.54273 W1.92678
3. The location is open 00:01 Saturday 10th April to 23.59 Sunday 11th April.
4. Image must be posted on here within those times.
5. PM GarminDave your postal address who'll send the patch.
6. This is only open to those not already in possession of a patch.

In order to maintain social distancing, and because the supply of patches will be limited (you will want one!), you'll need to get your name on the list sooner rather than later. It won't involve anything difficult or dangerous, you won't need your passport or several changes of clothes. We're all rufty-tufty iron butt riders so a day's outing up and down the country will prove no problem.

1. Kim Leeson
2. Foster Smith
3. John Morning
4. Bob M (I don't know what the M stands for)
5. Martin Buck
6. Andy Burnside
7/8. Mark/Denise Collins
9/10. Daz/Holly Kirk
11/12. Ian Ransom/Lady Rachel
13. Gregg Barlow
14. Lee Foster
15. KevinP
16. Peter Perfect
17. Lee Edwards
18. KevMac

1. John R
2. Neil James
3. Charlie McCrea
4. Bob Stammers
5. Phil Weston
6. Martin (Lincoln)
7. Dave Badcock
8. Gordon Sears
9/10. Graeme & Sally
11. Graeme Ferguson
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Fingers crossed by April 2021 this could possible morph into an open space picnic on the banks of the River Tees RTE, complete with rufty tufty Jetboiled refreshments!

Penciled in my planner, no patch required just want to practice posting a selfie. Any excuse to ride a loop or two of the North Yokshire Dales.
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Put me on the list, no patch required if the other one arrives lol...

Its in my diary :) but may take a different bike this time