Bazz and Liz's ANZAC Day Ride - verified


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I was following your Spot on ANZAC day guys and was intrigued where you were going to get the "Z" at, then all my questions were answered, Zadows Landing nice get!

Gee what huge amount of photos but would be great to look back on by both of you.

This is one ride LTP and I would love to ride, we don't mind being the 2nd two up team? ;)

Enjoyed the read and congratulations Kawka and Liz

jeffrey gebler

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A great ride and report with an impressive collection of photos.
I understand what you went through with the weather on the day as i spent over 6 hours trying to get through it myself on the completion of my ANZAC day ride.
Congratulations on being the first two up to complete this ride.


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A most magnificent report there Dear Kwaka couple! fantastic ride with an outstanding collection of photos. What an adventure ...... I could not help singing "Don't pay the ferryman" whilst I read some of this :D a wonderful tribute to the Anzacs


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Well done Bazz and Liz (lots of z's there too). I really enjoyed reading your report of a great Aussie ride. You may have set a new record for the number of photos taken in an SS1600k too!


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@Tele, I can tell you my pillion had that song firmly planted in her head and kept reminding me, "...'till you get to the other side."

In fact the nautical/water theme was something that I hadn't intentionally planned but am extremely happy it eventuated. Yes, more so with the dreadful riding conditions in those last few hours, the connotations between ANZAC, water and hardship is something I, and indeed Liz, have enjoyed immense satisfaction and a deep sense of pride from our achievement.

@Wom, cheers mate. No way I'd be able to snap that many so kudos to Liz, her skills and most of all, her enthusiasm on this very special Aussie themed ride.

FWIW: Doco's have been sent for verification.