Big as Texas, SS1000 and BBG1500


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Hey everyone,
As most of you know this fall there will be some big doings down in Texas. Yes, I’m talking about the Senior Butt/Junior Butt, Ride Around Texas with Rewind. There are also two other events, the Big As Texas SS1000 and BBG1500. So, if you aren’t already riding one of the other events you want to check out these two rides. You will get your certificate Saturday afternoon, no waiting. Then you can attend Saturday night’s finishers banquet with all its fun and fireworks.
The SS1000 theme is Bonnie and Clyde. See where this historic duo committed some of their crimes (two murder locations) and also spent time behind bars. Who doesn’t want that rally flag. For the BBG riders we have something special. Visit cities in Texas that were mentioned in popular songs. Such as Amarillo, Galveston and Luckenbach. You will visit “Record Stores”, yes the kind that still sells vinyl records. So signup, see Texas as you have never seen it before. I will be happy to answer any questions. Let’s Ride!
Danny Dossman


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Placing my request in now for perfect riding weather please. 65 - 78 degrees and sunshine. Please no rain / snow / sleet as occurred during the JAX party trip.