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OK it is now time to renew my bike insurance.
Any suggestions, recommendations.(clean ones please :D)
Who are you insured with now, what's covered and how much ?
I am getting a reasonable quote from Motorcycle Direct on their Diamond policy for my bike valued at £10500 + £2300 of accessories.
Protected no claim, 18 years NC discount, with 3 non fault accidents (all in my Taxi I've taken the big magnet of the back of it now.) And a zero £s voluntary excess, I have found that changing the voluntary excess to zero makes very little difference to the premium for most companies.
Includes Helmet & Leathers, Breakdown cover,Legal cover & Personal accident. and the underwriters are Aviva.
All for £219.56.
Sounds good to me unless you know better :p:D


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I use IAM Surety, have done for years. Every now and then I get an alternative quote, I'm still with IAM Surety


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IAM have always given me a totally outrageous quote & consequently I've never insured with them.
BEmoto have always been good, and they only insure bikes & only employ bike riders (so they say, anyway).


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Just to follow up on my earlier post this is the prices that I was finally quoted.

First the details of the of what the prices were based on.
The Bike 2015 BMW R1200 RT SE value £10,500
Extras and accessories listed value £3,500
Total value £14,000
Cover includes
Annual mileage 14,999 miles
Voluntary excess £0.0 (I have found that reducing the voluntary excess to zero make very little difference to the premium.)
Security Kept in a garage with good ground anchor and padlock & chain.
A Bike trac device is fitted.
I had to declare 3 accidents that I have had in the last 3 to 5 years. (all non fault)
9+ years No claim bonus

Most of them included breakdown cover in the UK.
All of them included riding abroad, cover for 90 days.
All quotes covered, Helmet/ Leathers, Legal Cover, Personal Accident, Protected NCD

Here are the prices quoted based on the above information.

Devitts £348.43 with £350 compulsory excess.
RAC £340.95 with £350 compulsory excess.
BeMoto £301.50 Not sure what their compulsory excess was
Motorcycle direct Diamond £296.75 with £250 compulsory excess.
Bennetts £177.07 with £600 compulsory excess.
All prices were based on one off annual payment.

All of the above quotes started with going on a comparison site then spending an hour or more phoning each of the companies to fine tune the cover and making sure what was included. detailing the extras and accessories. This took a while depending on whether I was talking to a Muppet or someone who was clued up.

I went for the Bennetts quote based on the facts that, they were the cheapest, I belive that if I had an accident that wasn't my fault. I should be able to claim back the £600.00 excess through legal aid as uninsured losses. And the fact that in the last 20 years of riding I have never had an accident where I have claimed on my Insurance.
I must point out that as I said I have never claimed on my bike insurance so what they are like should that happen I have no idea.

As I am retired and at this time of year with all this shit weather. I have lots of spare time. So I thought I would do this as an exercise just to see what prices I could get. I developed a spreadsheet to keep all the info on as it gets very complicated.

Hope this helps anyone looking to renew their bike insurance. :):)
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Good work Steve, unfortunately, I think all insurance companies default position when faced with a claim is:

"Sorry you are not covered"

Just my cynical view and you only find the good from the bad during a claim process.


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I quite agree Dave.
But I phoned every company and ensured verbally about what was insured. And have asked Bennett's to send me a copy of the conversation as I want to check something.
So I will hopefully have a record of the conversation. ☺
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Just a quick up date.
When I phoned Bennett's and asked for a copy of the conversation that I had when, I got my quote. I pointed out that the reason that I wanted a copy was so that I could make sure that they had agreed the price of all the extras that I had fitted to the bike. Including the Russell day long saddle.
They again asked why and I again pointed out that the saddle if you take all the costs involved came to approx £1000.00
Again I was put on hold while he spoke to a supervisor (again) and eventually came back and said that was OK.
They did agree to send me a copy although I felt they were a little reluctant.

Strangely I then got a letter a week or so later, saying that I had not declared a non fault accident that had occurred in May 2019.
I pointed out that the claim had been dropped as the vehicle that hit my taxi had false plates and the police couldn't trace the owner so dropped the case.
It was going to cost me more on the increased premium than is was to pay for the damage myself so I dropped the claim and left it as a notification only.
They asked me to produce a letter showing this from my insurers at the time showing it was not a claim but just a notification.
This I did by return.
They still charged me the extra. Insurance companies are robbing bastards.

Bennett's still worked out the cheapest even with the extra.:)


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Is your daylong lined with platinum, Steve?

The most I've ever paid is around £330 for the saddle work and about £120 for postage there & back - import duties have been zero because Russells call it remedial work on a customers seat.


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£130.00 Donor saddle
£ 80.00 Carraige to USA
£660.00 For leather saddle heated with springs + waterproof seat cover.
£80.00 carriage back to UK even with warranty work.
So a total of £950.00☺