Brit Butt Rally 25th to 27th May 2018


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Unfortunately I also won't be able to attend. :(. Like Andrew above, family commitment come first on this occasion. I have a hotel room booked and I can't cancel it. If anybody is interested it was £31 for Friday 25th May and £29.5 for Sun 27th. Hope you all have great fun. I will definitely be there next year. :cool:
Please email me [email protected] as I don't know who you are.
Always best to email.
Entry is still open for anyone who is late to the table.
Final programme will be emailed out be t week to all the entries.
Hi Phil.
Just catching up on the forum after working away. From your post of the 10th you indicate more details are to be sent, have I missed these as I cant see anything has arrived!?
some time ago I seem to remember there was a theme to the rally 1881 being the clue or have I got it mixed up with something else as I cannot seem to find the original data that lead me to believe this. anyway of all the things that happened in 1881, there were a few I reckon its when Holmes met dr Watson.
I'm looking forward to the smartphone rally and have a couple of questions.
Will we receive the gpx file by email or will we have to bring a USB stick?
Will the email containing the photo have to have any text such as location number, location name, points claimed, date time etc?


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The .gpx file will be sent by email to all riders, it will be available immediatly after the final briefing.

You will soon be getting information that explains what details you need to put into the email when claiming a bonus.
Thanks for that.

The example NailseaSS1000.gpx file has no bonus location numbers or point values.
Will this information be included in the actual rally gpx file?
For example the ICENI rally gpx has the <name> field as
<name>02-850-Horsey Wind pump</name>
which I found to be very helpful.

Will you be using this format and if not could you publish the format the gpx will be in please?
Wait and see... Pity. I was hoping to do everything on the smartphone but will have to bring the laptop incase we have to add the bonus number and scores etc, to the gpx file.
will we still be able to get the gpx loaded to the usb stick if we need it that way.??? and what e mail address will you send it to?? I have more than 1 some people may want to do it all on there smart phone I cant do that and don't want to, no link to my sat navs etc that way and too small a screen to work of as well. the wonders of the internet do let me down rather a lot so would not want to rely on it. lets hope there's still a good old fashion paper rally book
Thought I might do this year's rally on my old '72 "Purple Haze" T150V so embarked on a 500 mile shakedown run down to Devon this weekend to test bike and "systems". All was going well and I was just thinking how nicely the old bike was cutting it along the M3 when suddenly... no drive to the back wheel!! Engine still running, clutch feels normal, gears seem to change - but I'm coasting to a halt on the hard shoulder!
Sound familiar John Young?
Drive chain gone!!
At least it's not raining and it hasn't chewed up the back of the bike but I don't have a spare on me so I'm waiting for the breakdown truck.
See y'all on Friday.