Brit Butt Tour 2019

Go to folder with pics...right click on picture, Edit, (3rd from the top) Resize to 60%...done
No software required...Windows only, Mac is another kettle of fish.
Thank you very much for the help..... I'm a total technophope.... yesterday was the 1st time I had even attached a photo to an email!!!!!......I'll give the photo thing a go now.

Kim Leeson

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No worries, if you need more help, hover your mouse over my picture on the left..and 'start a conversation'

btw. If the picture shrinks to fill the 'Edit' box, then it will be smaller enough to post.


Brit Butt Tour Admin.
Hi Everyone who've entered the Tour this year.
You will see a list below of the entrants i'm aware off. those of you who haven't entered the tour previously can you drop me a quick email so I have your email address on file.
My address is.

1 Gordon Sears
2 Martin Harries
3 Jon Parsell
4 Kim Leeson
5 Sean Sowley
6 Michael Smith
7 Wulstan Melling
8 Pete and Pat Brown
9 Daz Dilkes
10 Bob Badger
11 Nina Ferrand
12 John Cunniffe
13 Andrew Bish
14 Graham Lindley
15 Peter Howe
45 Martin Buck
16 Robert Higgs
17 Alexander Bentley



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I thought i had posted theses but they seem to have disapeared I must have pressed the wrong key


Just received my 2018 report and over moon to have got the prestigious "Must try harder award". Reminds me so much of my school reports. Promise to do better this year ;>