Brit Butt Tour 2020


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No problems Dave, your now off the mark.
Thanks, Wully,

Going to Holy Island on Tuesday. Can't wait 'till overnights are allowed again, I don't think the Iron Butt Motel is even acceptable currently; mind we could ignore the rules and start a campaign the Bikers Rides Matter?


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Breakdown of Checkpoints vistited
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These day trips for exercise are getting longer, this one at 768miles didn't leave a lot of enthusiasm for running around at the destinations.
Its only 8 miles further to get to Geneva! BBT 11  05D  Vulkan Arms_800x600.JPG BBT 11  JKD Winkles Cafe_800x600.JPG BBT 11  JKH Boathouse Cafe_600x600.jpg BBT 11  QNC  Gorleston Golf Club_800x600.JPG


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I think there must be some mistake Wully. I've been out on at least two days this year and yet, somehow, Gordon Sears and Bob Badger are way ahead of me. How is that even possible???