Brit Butt Tour 2021


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Hi Gordon
The photo you used for No 43, is it in the main car park? I'll use the same one.
Hope you are keeping well.
Regards Bob
Hi Bob, In answer to your Question, Yes. Kim, Gordon and I were there at the same time and all used the same Sign, Apparently the Original collapsed when one of the park wardens lent on it.


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Bimble around Cornwall today.
When you do Perranporth, do not follow your sat navs to the top car park.
Park in the bottom one and keep left on the beach.

BBT 03 06 Gwennap Pit.JPG BBT 03 6A Billy Brays.JPG BBT 03 10 Perranporth.JPG BBT 03 13 Wheal Prosper Mine.JPG BBT 03 16 Carn Brea Castle.JPG BBT 03 20 Lanyon Quoit.JPG BBT 03 23 Tinners Arms.JPG
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I busted the Dams..
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Sunday’s ride in Cornwall. BB2021-19: Tinners Arms 23, Perrenporth 10, Gwennap Pitt 6, Billy Brat Chapel 6a, Wheal Prosper 13, Carn Brea Castle 16 and Lanyon Quiot 23.


Does anyone no if Tyneham Village 52 road access is open as on the Ministry of Defence last post 8th January that the road access gate is closed until further notice.